12″ High Tack Mask used with Easy Patterns HTV / ColorPrint Soft Opaque


  • 12" x 12" (1FT)
  • 12" x 24" (2FT)
  • 12" x 36" (3FT)
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12″ High Tack Mask

Purchase this along side your 12″ pattern vinyl, not required with our 18″ vinyl as that is designed with the mask attached. Remember when using this with your designs on the 12″ you do not need to mirror your designs.

Applying bright, full color images on dark textiles has never been easier! TTD High Tack Mask is specifically designed for ColorPrint Soft Opaque to transfer images perfectly every time. The increased tack allows the transfer tape to firmly grip the print and cut material, which prevents wrinkling and warping, during the masking process. A warm peel keeps the application process quick and simple so you can create more products faster. TTD High Tack is clear and thin, so you can accurately place the material on the garment. Use TTD High Tack Mask in conjunction with ColorPrint Soft Opaque for the best application results. TTD High Tack Mask is also recommended for large or detailed designs on other Siser Print and Cut materials.

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12" x 12" (1FT), 12" x 24" (2FT), 12" x 36" (3FT)

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