Oracal 751

Browse our collection of Oracal vinyl products, a great choice for vinyl craft work!

Orafol is a wonderful producer of high-quality adhesive vinyl, and Ribbon Queen is proud to offer the Oracal adhesive vinyl collection. This collection is a wonderful material for craft enthusiasts looking to make some beautiful artwork with vinyl! We also offer Oracal in multiple wholesale bundles if you're looking to create a larger project and want to save.

How is 751 different then 651?

Both Oracal 651 and Oracal 751 use the same solvent-based adhesion, but the overall quality in the vinyl finish is superior in Oracal 751 compared to Oracal 651.

751 has a 8 year durability, compared to Oracal 651's 6 year durability.

Oracal 751 is 2 mm thick, compared to Oracal 651 at 2.5 mm thick, and therefore 751 is more flexible and able to conform better than 651.

Oracal 751 Vinyl has been used in the sign and auto industry, but is gaining popularity within the crafting community due to its durability in water.

Our Oracal 751 Vinyl Products:

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