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Baby Polyester Bodysuit Blank made by Cricut

These Baby Polyester Bodysuit Blank made by Cricut are now sold by RQC Supply right here in Canada. These polyester bodysuits are optimized for Infusible Ink transfers. A fun DIY project for baby shower parties! This sharp, white baby bodysuit is a blank canvas for your creativity for projects that will stand the test of time! Get vibrant, permanent, pro-quality heat press transfers – no edges or seams – on this compatible Infusible Ink blank. Unlike an iron-on transfer or vinyl application, where the artwork is attached on top of a compatible material using adhesive, an Infusible Ink heat transfer becomes one with the material itself. The results are bright, beautiful, seamlessly smooth transfers that are flake-proof, peel-proof, and wash-proof. Personalize any compatible Infusible Ink blank with a name, a logo, an inside joke, or a favorite quote! Customize with a meaningful heat press transfer that speaks to you. You’ve never done a heat press transfer like this before. Recommended for use with Cricut EasyPress™, household iron, or any heat press.

How it works:

Choose your materials. Select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or Infusible Ink Pens & Markers and a compatible Cricut blank.
Make your design. Cut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or draw with Infusible Ink Pens & Markers using laser copy paper.
Apply heat. Infuse your design into your Cricut blank with Cricut EasyPress
Can I use generic blanks for my Infusible Ink projects?
Cricut took incredible measures to perfect our formula, ensuring that Cricut blanks give you the results they promise with Infusible Ink: vivid, vibrant, seamlessly smooth, and truly permanent heat transfers. If you use blanks that do not bear the Infusible Ink compatibility badge, here’s what you’re likely to notice:
Less vibrancy and sharpness. Incompatible blanks will not give you the vivid and vibrant colors you should expect from Infusible Ink products.
Decreased colorfastness/fading. Infusible Ink designs that get transferred to generic base materials will quickly fade and dull with each wash and/or overtime.
Imperfections. Incompatible blanks are likely to pill, dimple, and pucker, causing transfers with undesirable imperfections.

*Graphics created with Infusible Ink Pens & Markers require Heat Resistant Tape.

Size guide

Cricut Baby Sleeper Size Chart sold by RQC Supply Canada
Cricut Baby Sleeper Size Chart sold by RQC Supply Canada


1 Baby Bodysuit blank
Customize this blank with original artwork for standout DIY projects
Compatible with Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheets, Pens & Markers for peel-proof, flake-proof, wash-proof transfers
For best results, use Cricut EasyPress™ 2 or heat press that reaches 400°F (205°C)
95% polyester, 5% spandex
Carefully follow instructions at help.cricut.com
For adult use only

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