Making A Perfect Mosaic With Vinyl Scraps.

Do you keep all of you leftover scraps of vinyl? Do you feel as if they are overflowing, and never really being used? Well, do I have a solution for you. By using your leftover HTV vinyl, you can make your very own mosaic!  Let that creative style flow through you when creating your very mosaic masterpiece, and on the plus side it is super easy! I think anyone that follows this blog will become a mosaic master.

I can find Mosaics all over social media. Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, you name that social media site it is there! So we thought it was only appropriate to make a cute little blog post about this new trend. This way everyone can join in the fun in creating beautiful mosaics.

Below you will find all the steps on how to create your very own mosaic. You will also find some tips that we thought would be helpful!

The Supplies you will need for this Craft.

You will need:

  • HTV scraps
  • your trusty scissors. (make sure they are sharp!)
  • A heat transfer tape/mask

7 Easy Steps for Mosaics

Step One:  You will need to cut your HTV vinyl into smaller pieces.  This can be any shape you want.  It can be triangles that make a pattern to interlock, or squares to make a cool image of a flower.  Get creative here!  Here is a tip: Make sure that you keep your colours organized.  This way you still know where everything is.

Step Two: Now we are going to layout the design with the liner facing up, (reminder for people that are new to vinyl that means shiny side up).

Step Three: Once your design is ready to go we are going to lay your transfer mask on top.

Step Four: Now get your trusty squeegee out to set that design. Let’s make is a smooth as possible!

Step Five: Now set up the recommended time and temp on your press.  Depending on whamosaic vinyl scraps craft examplet vinyl you are using the time and temp can very.  Here is a tip: This mosaic-style really works well with our easy weed HTV.

Step Six: Now let’s peel that transfer mask off.  Make sure to do this slowly.  This is where you may see that some of the pieces where placed accidentally upside down.  Sadly you will need to replace that piece, or pieces and press it down one more time.  Basically you will kind of need to repeat steps from one to six till you get the results you are looking for.  Here is a tip: when cutting, make sure all your pieces are shiny side up, this way you can avoid making this mistake.

Step Seven:  Now peel the liner of the vinyl pieces.  This can be a little tedious, but the result of the design looks pretty cool. I think it is definitely worth the work put into it.  Here is a tip: warm up a lower platen to make it easy to peel that liner.

Now you can sit there and appreciate your design in all its glory, or you can keep going and make even more mosaics. That is up to you.  You can create so many things using this technique. weather it is a picture or a funky background!  One thing I do see crafters doing with this technique is creating fake mosaic tiles in some of there household items. It does look pretty neat as well.

Don’t forget to tag RQC supply in your creations of mosaics.  We always love seeing all of the amazing crafts you guys make!

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