As crafters, we know there is a lot of ways to create your very own custom shirt! NOW if you are looking for grunge looking t-shirt, then this is just for you! Creating a gritty and distressed look can be easily made with just a vinyl stencil and bleach! Who knew that the '80s and the 2000s would make a big come back! Step 1: What do I Need?black shirt vinyl bleached ready 64000 Men's soft-style is a perfect choice for this bleach craft![/caption] You will need; A 100% cotton and poly/cotton blend shirt that is a dark colour, A vinyl stencil of choice mounted on transfer paper, bleach, and Peroxide with this craft. Please be careful when using bleach! You will also need some tools! If you have cardboard placing it inside the t-shirt will help stabilize the area and keep the bleach from soaking through the back. You will also need; a spray bottle, rubber gloves (for protection), Blinder clips to pin the shirt to the cardboard, and, last but not least, a water source.   Step 2: Prepping The Station. First things first, let's prep the shirt for where you want your design to be. Slide the cardboard into the shirt and secure it with the binder clips. Next, we want to make sure your vinyl design is all set up and ready to go. Once your vinyl is prepared to be placed on the t-shirt, it is time to move on to step 3! vinyl bleach stencil craft This stencil vinyl is used for spray paint but will work in a pinch for a bleached design in a pinch!Now it is time to place the vinyl on the shirt. Please put it in the area you would like to keep the original shirt color intact. Make sure to press your stencil firmly, especially the edges of the design.  Step 4 Taking the transfer backing off. Now I would say this is the most time-consuming part of the craft, but it is very satisfying! Adhesive vinyl isn't supposed to stick onto fabric, So you have to be patient with this part. The best way to go about it is to roll the transfer paper back against itself slowly and away from the vinyl and the t-shirt. The vinyl may want to stay with the transfer tape, so you may want to use a plastic card to hold the vinyl off of the transfer backing.  Reminder patience is the key here! Step 5 Pressing the vinyl into the shirt.  Good job, you made it through getting the transfer tape off the vinyl!  You may want to press that vinyl into the shirt for good measure at this point in the game. Just making sure this vinyl isn't going to slip or move in the next following steps.  Step 6 The Bleach.  **Disclaimer! Bleach is a toxic chemical. Please read the back of the bottle before use. Handle this product with gloves. At this time, I suggest making sure you aren't wearing any clothing that you wouldn't want to get damaged. ** We are going to start by creating a water and bleach mixture. 50/50 I find works best. This mixture will go into the spray bottle. Depending on how many t-shirts you are doing, you will probably not need a lot of this mixture.  Important Note: do not use pure bleach. It will eat through your t-shirt fibers; this will weaken the t-shirt and cause it to destroy faster.  Step 7 Spraying the Bleach Now it's time to spray that shirt with bleach! I suggest testing the spray in the sink or on another piece of fabric to know how the bottle will spray. Cover the needed area with the water and bleach mixture, then wait till dry.  Extra tips!  If you have a large vinyl area blotting that area with a paper towel is a good idea. This keeps the extra liquid from dripping or getting on you or your design once you start moving the shirt again. If you are doing this craft outside, the breeze can affect the spray of the bleach. Just keep it in mind.  Having different spray bottles can help create some other designs.  Step 8 The Peroxide   Once you have the design you want with the bleach, this is where the Peroxide comes in. I do suggest that you should still use gloves because it is still a chemical. Peroxide stops the bleach from eating away any colour. Take the shirt off the board and place it into a bowl of Peroxide.  Don't be shy to dunk the entire t-shirt into the solution. Peroxide doesn't damage the clothes anyways.  Step 9 Rinse that Shirt! Now, let's move that shirt to a sink and rinse that shirt out. It is ok if the vinyl does start peel off the shirt. After it is all rinse, let's remove that vinyl.  Important Note: your shirt should NOT smell of blech any more if it does, it needs to rinse a couple more times  Step 10 Let it Dry All you need to do now is hang up your item to dry! Also proud of your artwork. It took a lot of effort to get here.  Creating that 80 gritty t-shirt look is a lot of fun! Remember, if you share your design on social media, tag us!

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