Cutting Board 8″ x 11″ – Sublimation


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Cutting Board 8″ x 11 ” – Sublimation

Get your very own cutting board 8″ x 11″ made for sublimation from RQC Supply Canada. This glass sublimation cutting board is 8 x 11″ can produce excellent full-colour image reproductions perfect to spice up any kitchen.  These tempered glass boards can be used to personalize any home kitchen with your choice of designs. Match your cutting board to your kitchen theme or backsplash for an inspired design. Or add that personalized touch by sublimating a family vacation photo to it. Rubber feet hold the board stable while chopping or cutting foods. This is a tempered glass cutting board so that it can be damaged with knives because of the hardiness of the material. It is suggested not to use this cutting board with excessive chopping as the force of the blade can cause chipping. Adhesive vinyl can be placed on the underside so it’s not in contact with food.

Important note: Glass cutting boards can damage knives because of the hardiness of the material; therefore, excessive chopping is not recommended as the force can cause chipping and contamination of food. Glass can become slippery when washed.

Product Dimensions: 0.25″ x 7.875″ x 11.25″ tempered glass

Heat Method: 400 degrees F for 4.5-6 mins or 215C/419F & 240 sec

  • Vibrant color reproduction
  • Comes with foot pads
  • Prepare artwork and size transfer according to the size and shape of the product. Make image 1/4” larger for overlap.
  • Image must NOT be produced in reverse or “mirror image”
  • Place a rubber or felt pad on the press.
  • Place the transfer image side up on the rubber or felt pad.
  • Place the cutting board facing down onto the transfer paper
  • Place a sheet of plain white paper on top
  • Press at 400 degrees F for 4.5-6 minutes using Light pressure or 215C/419F & 240 sec
  • When pressing is finished carefully remove as item is extremely hot and allow to cool on a clean surface

Note: These instructions are guide lines only and are based on the inks, paper, and products we supply. Your inks, papers, etc. may require adjustments in your time/temp settings

Note: These cutting boards are not eligible for free shipping or allocated to count towards your free shipping threshold.

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