Elephant – Dumble Elephant Cubbies



Your choice of a grey, blue and pink elephant teddy bear personalized by you

Dumble the elephant is a blank custom elephant teddy bear personalized by you. Its unique appearance includes a classic grey elephant, pink elephant and blue elephant in a  teddy bear design with an added signature Cubbies fun twist. 

Embroidered personalized Elephant 

Like with all Cubbies blank to be personalized teddies, Dumble the elephant is no ordinary teddy. 

Unique blank personalized teddy soft toy for children & occasions

Dumble the elephant  A classic personalised teddy soft toy for children. Popular with boys and girls, the unique teddy bear design makes Dumble super cuddly that is perfect for babies, toddlers and young children.

Dumble is also an ideal teddy bear for personalising for a variety of occasions. Its beautiful appearance accompanied by your ability to personalize any design or message makes this personalized elephant the ideal gift.

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