Man Cave Wall Bottle Opener


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Man Cave Wall Bottle Opener Black, Brown, Red

Here’s a great man cave wall bottle opener in black, brown, red.  Made just like the ones of the past. They have the same look as the antiques but at a much lower price!

These bottle openers are cast with good quality iron and have gone through multiple professional processes.  They have a smooth surface with elegant colour of the black, red, brown and stereoscopic logo.


  • Classic vintage style with a rustic finish and not easy to fade.
  • Far stronger than a key chain or carabiner bottle opener.
  • Easier to use than other openers even with one hand.

Measures: 11 X 3 X 15 CM

Ideal for home bars, beer coolers, pubs, kitchen, or your man cave, both personally and commercially. Also can be used as drawer pulls.


  • For opening bottles including beer and soda.
  • Can also be used as drawer pullers.
  • Great gift item,
  • Suitable for home and business, especially for bars, KTVs, hotels, and house decorations.
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