Oracal MT95 Clear Application / Transfer Tape (med tac)


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MT95 Clear Application/Transfer Tape (medium tac)

You are purchasing a 12″ x 100  yard roll of MT 95 Orafol Transfer Tape from a Canadian Supplier, support local.

MT 95’s adhesive system is especially well-suited for transferring small, high detail-cut graphics and vinyl films with tight liner release, such as Oracal 631, 651 Intermediate Calendered Vinyl and Oracal 751. An exceptionally clear film facestock allows for precise registration of your designs.

Orafol MT 95 Application tape is transparent, medium tack film application, this transfer tape designed for the following

  • Small to Medium Lettering
  • Difficult to Lift Vinyl Films
  • Multi Layer Applications
  • Textured Vinyl, Gloss and Matte Vinyl


  • Transparent with a fine poked finish
  • 6.1ml or 155 microns thick
  • removable
  • suitable in both dry or wet applications making it stable even when applied wet.
  • high tensile strength ensures precise positioning


  • Polyacrylic adhesive based tape

Precision Registration

MT 95 exceptionally clear facestock enhances precision registration of multiple-color overlays.

Perfectly Aligned Graphics

To prevent misalignment of graphics

Prevention of Adhesion Buildup

Adhesive is formulated to prevent a buildup of adhesion to your vinyl graphics, even if designs are stored for prolonged periods of time has been tested for up to 6 months on one application with no issues by Orafol.

For further product information check out the manufacturers (Orafol) website on the link below


**Note: Other crafters have mentioned that this is ideal to be used with both Oracal 631 & Oracal 751 in comparission to AT 65**

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