Oracal Oramask 813 Stencil Film

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Oracal Oramask 813 Stencil Film Details

This rigid, transparent blue PVC film has been forumulated for stencil application, especially spray and paint techniques. ORACAL 813 features a low tack, water based adhesive. It is ideal for water based paint applications, smooth, flat, rigid substrates and flat surfaces, has large area capabilities and applications requiring background visibility. 

The Oramask Stencil Film 813 is a blue translucent PVC film designed for paint mask stencil applications, particularly paint and spray techniques. The water-based adhesive is low-tack, ideal for paint and spray technique applications on smooth, flat, rigid surfaces and large areas. Given it’s transparency it works wonderfully in applications that require good background visibility. The PVC film is removable, durable, and made by Oracal, a trusted name in crafting.

What is the Stencil Film 813?

The Oramask stencil film 813 is a high-quality film compatible in most cutting machines. It is blue transparent in color, versatile enough to be used in a variety of different applications like glass and metal etching, perfect for wood signs as well, and durable so it works great for indoor and outdoor projects alike. The film is made by Oracal. The film is sold in sheets or by the yard, you can even purchase a full 50 yard roll,  so it is easy to get just enough product to accommodate your projects needs.


The many features this film offers attracts crafters like a magnet. It will blow your mind to learn how wonderful this film is when it is time to create high-quality, durable stencils and designs. Features include:

  • 1.37 lb/in adhesive power
  • 3 mL thickness
  • Easy-to work with
  • Cuts easily
  • Sold in both sheets and rolls

How to Use the Stencil Film 813

Whether you’re new to stenciling or well-experienced, this stencil film is easy-to use from the very start. It is easy to cut and can adhere to many shapes and sizes. The low tack adhesive is perfect that it will stick to your base coat, but when pulled off it won’t lift the paint or splinter the wood underneath. In comparison to Oracal 631/651, 813 low tack adhesive causes less bleeds then 631 and it’s easier to remove before the paint dries in comparison to 651. Consumers use the film for car striping and it works wonderfully for this application. Many people use it to create wood boards and other decor for their home. It is a film that is versatile enough to easily handle both of these projects and many others.


The Oramask stencil film 813 is compatible with cutting machines like Sillouette, Cricuit, and many others. Additionally, numerous accessories are available that further enhance the product usage and add more versatility to your projects. While optional, it is ideal to look at some of these accessories to learn if they’re worth buying for your stencil film/machine to enhance all of your projects. The recommended application tape is ORATAPE MT80P which can be purchased here.

ATC 65 has also been recommended by veteran crafters this can be purchased here.


Many brands offer a stencil film, but none of them are better than the Oracal name. The Oramask Stencil Film 813 is among the best products of its type sold on the market today. The translucency of 813 film allows the user to visualize the surface underneath.  It is versatile, great for many projects, and easy-to use in your applications when you need a quality and durable product. When you need a stencil film that makes it simple to create quality projects, there isn’t a better choice on the market.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 12 × 3 cm
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