Pastel Rainbow Stripes Printed Faux Leather Sheets


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Pastel Rainbow Stripes Printed Faux Leather Sheets

Length: 20cm x 34cm

This cute and fun printed faux leather sheet features a nice holiday design. This beautiful Pastel Rainbow Stripes Printed design seamlessly flow together and pop from the fabric making this perfect any project. The faux leather sheet measures approx 20cm x 34cm.

Whether you want to make earnings, bows, or something else, this fabric is just for you. The material can be used for hair bows, scrapbooking, keychains, bags, shoes, wallets, cell phones and more.

Product Information:
• The fabric measures approximately 20cm x 34cm material is hand cut so may vary.
• The thickness is roughly .85mm (2 – 2.5 ounce thickness)
• The back of the fabric is white
• The fabric is soft to the touch and can be cleaned by gently hand washing it with warm water

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