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What is Self Adhesive Vinyl?

  • If this is your first time on this category of our website I bet your wondering “What is self adhesive vinyl?  Self adhesive vinyl is a flexible and very versatile material that is often used to make eye catching signs, logos for businesses or personal use. It is also commonly used to create indoor and outdoor graphics for advertising.  More recently it has also entered the home and is also used to decorate walls, windows and more.
  • There are many companies that now  manufactur this product around the world, it is strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures and water.


  • According to the US Patent 6388006 Issued on May 14, 2002, self adhesive vinyl is a pressure sensitive adhesive made with vinyl polymer and a meth acrylic polymer. The material is now used in digital printing press to create vibrant designs and images and readily absorbs certain types of ink. 


  • Self Adhesive vinyl can be cut into any shape or size and sticks to almost any curved or flat non coarse surface easily.
  • Used in home decorating: removable sticker decorations for walls and windows, cutting it into lettering as a decorative accent on other types of decor
  • Business Purposes for signage, decals can be used on vehicles to advertise a company name or logo, Banners.
  • Decorative Accesories

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