Siser Easy Subli Paper Sheets 8.4″ x 11″


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Siser Easy Subli Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet 8.4″ x 11″

What do you do if you want to sublimate on 100% cotton? We finally have a solution for you! Siser Easy Subli Paper. Sisers EasySubli is the latest innovation in garment sublimation. EasySubli is a brand new HTV by Siser that allows you to print custom, full colour designs using your sublimation printer.

Click here for instructions on how to use the Siser EasySubli™ Heat Transfer Vinyl

How does EasySubli Work?

EasySubli is fed directly through a sublimation printer which eliminates the need for transfer papers. After printing, it is recommended that you allow the inks to dry for 2 hours before masking (one trick is laying your design underneath an open heat press platen for about 45 seconds. While traditional sublimation is limited to white polyester garments, EasySubli can be used with a variety of different fabrics and colours.

Siser EasySubli Inks can do more than just print on EasySubli! Use Siser EasySubli Inks to achieve all your standard dye-sub needs as well, so there’s no need to switch out inks between projects. After printing and cutting the heat transfer vinyl, use EasySubliMask and a squeegee to transfer designs from the static backing to the garment of your choosing. With EasySubli, the decorating doors are open to any color of the rainbow and almost every fabric under the sun. The low application temperature of 311°F even allows you to decorate heat-sensitive fabrics like tri-blends and rayon!

If you’ve ever turned down a  print and cut heat transfer job due to startup costs, you can now say “Yes!” to those multi-color projects. Try your hand at the printing game without investing an arm and a leg- Try EasySubli heat transfer vinyl!

Please note that EasySubli  is NOT compatible with latex or Inkjet/toner-based printers/copiers.

EasySubli™  is CPSIA Certified so it’s perfect for decorating children’s clothing and accessories

  • Thickness: 220 microns
  • Applies to: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, not treated fabrics
  • Temperature: 311°F/155°C
  • Time: 15 seconds
  • Pressure: Medium (3-4 bar)
  • Peel: Warm
  • Laundering: Wait 24 hours before first wash
  • Machine wash warm or cold with mild detergent
  • Dry on low dryer setting
  • Do not dry clean or bleach
  • Wash inside-out for best results

Transfer settings: 15 seconds at 155°C (311°F) medium pressure (3-4 bar)

Suitable textiles: cotton (all colours) and white/light coloured polyester or poly/cotton blend, not treated.

To Apply your designs to your garment you also require Siser TTD Special Application tape which is cold peel that is sold separately, buy this online here.

Wait at least 24 hours from the application before washing.

Washing resistance up to 60°C, best inside-out. Do not use bleach or other aggressive chemical agents. Not suitable for dry cleaning Suitable for tumble dryer, synthetic cycle.

Easy Subli is designed to work with virtually any sublimation printer, but Siser recommends a sawgrass machine and the specially formulated Siser EasySubli inks by Sawgrass for best results.

Sheets are 8.4″ x 11″ sold individually you will need to purchase the EasySubli Mask Sep

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