Styletech Chrome Adhesive Vinyl


  • 000 Gold Chrome
  • 0008G brushed gold
  • 000CH Metalized Chrome
  • 00BC Brushed Crome
  • 00CH Cherry Chrome MTLZ
  • 00LBL Light Blue Crome MLTZ
  • 00PK Pink Chrome MTLZ
  • 00RG Rose Gold Chrome

Styletech Chrome Adhesive Vinyl

Styletech Chrome Adhesive Vinyl is the original Classic Vinyl for the craft market.  This lineup is full of lots of amazing colours that are perfect for indoor & outdoor applications, note gold is not recommended for outdoor applications. The Syletech Chrome lineup is available in 11 styles including Rose Gold, Brushed Gold, and Classic Chrome which are the sought-after colours in today’s trends.

RQC is now an authorized Distributor for Styletech, we have one of the largest selections of products they carry in South Western Ontario. This vinyl is a permanent vinyl that is 2mils thick and has an amazing surface gloss and colour. This vinyl can be used in the following applications, marine, automotive, wood, and glass applications. It has 2-year outdoor durability when properly applied. The shelf life is 1 year when kept under the following climate conditions of 23C and 50% relative humidity.

We offer you these colours from the Styletech Chrome Collection. This vinyl will add elegance and create stunning effects on glassware and windows.

Note that a thin liner of silicone is added by the manufacturer to protect the surface from scratching during manipulation (with the exception of the holographic colour).  Don’t forget to remove it when you are done to expose the amazing brilliancy of the chrome.


These products have a higher luster and light reflectivity that is achieved by utilizing ultra-high clarity polyester in the manufacturing process.  A unique high-temperature acrylic adhesive also adds to the product’s high performance. The release paper is balance formulated to the adhesive for best cutting and weeding.

Face Film: 2 mil polyester films, metalized so the color shows through with the polyester surface.
Adhesive: 1 mil clear, permanent acrylic-based pressure sensitive adhesive which allows bonding to a smooth, clean, wax-free surface.


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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Styletech Metal Chrome

000 Gold Chrome, 0008G brushed gold, 000CH Metalized Chrome, 00BC Brushed Crome, 00CH Cherry Chrome MTLZ, 00LBL Light Blue Crome MLTZ, 00PK Pink Chrome MTLZ, 00RG Rose Gold Chrome

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