Styletech FX Vinyl – Marine Grade Glitter


  • 182FX Galaxy
  • 183FX Drab Green
  • 184FX Platinum
  • 185FX Purple
  • 186FX Sliver
  • 187FX Rust
  • 188FX Black Gold
  • 189FX Pacific teal
  • 190FX Stardust
  • 192FX Magenta
  • 193FX Aqua Mist
  • 194FX Kiwi

Styletech FX Vinyl – Marine Grade Glitter

Styletech FX Vinyl – Marine Grade Glitter is now sold at RQC Supply. FX vinyl is a permanent adhesive vinyl is the original Glitter Vinyl for the craft market.  FX colours are cast vinyl film series with an excellent surface gloss, colour depth and complete opacity.  This FX vinyl line up provides dynamic graphic accents and can be used for RV and Marine applications, automotive aftermarket graphics and striping, as well as computerized sign making, trade show displays and even point of sale displays.  FX vinyl is 2mil cast films with a high concentration of metallic flakes, making them sparkle like glitter yet has a smooth finish and is non textured despite the glitter sparkle. This lineup is full of lots of amazing colours that are perfect for indoor & outdoor applications. The Syletech FX lineup is available in 12 colours including Aqua Mist and Kiwi which are the sought-after colours in today’s trends.

RQC is now an authorized Distributor for Styletech, we have one of the largest selections of products they carry in South Western Ontario. This vinyl is a permanent vinyl that is 3mils thick and has an amazing surface gloss and colour. This vinyl can be used in the following applications, decoration, automotive, wood, and glass applications. It has 5-8-year durability when properly applied. The shelf life is 1 year when kept under the following climate conditions of 23C and 50% relative humidity. This is not HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) it is permanent outdoor grade.


  • Finish: Gloss
  • Durability: Up to 5-8 years
  • Outdoor Durability: 3 years
  • Film Type: Cast
  • Adhesive Removability: Permanent
  • Thickness: 3 Mils
  • Recommended Applications: Ideal for long-term glass graphics, including decoration, marine, automotive crafts, and branding on windows, doors, storefronts, partitions, mirrors & glassware.
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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Styletech FX vinyl

182FX Galaxy, 183FX Drab Green, 184FX Platinum, 185FX Purple, 186FX Sliver, 187FX Rust, 188FX Black Gold, 189FX Pacific teal, 190FX Stardust, 192FX Magenta, 193FX Aqua Mist, 194FX Kiwi

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