Styletech Holographic Adhesive Vinyl


  • 801 Holographic Mist
  • 80123 Mist Gold
  • 80130 Mist Cherry MTLZ
  • 80138 Mist Blue
  • 801RB Mist Rainbow MTLZ
  • 802 Holographic Confetti
  • 805 Holographic Bubbles
  • 841 Rainbow
  • 844 Confetti Blocks Sliver
  • 846 Rain Laminate
  • 847 Rain Sliver
  • 848 Rain Pink
  • 850RB Rainbow Hearts
  • GLV Metalized Galvanized

Styletech Ultra Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

Styletech Holographic Adhesive Vinyl is the original holo vinyl for the craft market.  This lineup is full of lots of amazing colours that are perfect for indoor & outdoor applications. The Syletech Holographic lineup is available in 15 styles including Holographic bubbles, rainbow mist, & Holographic Confetti which are the sought-after colours in today’s trends.

RQC is now an authorized Distributor for Styletech, we have one of the largest selections of products they carry in South Western Ontario. This vinyl is a permanent vinyl that is 4mils thick and has an amazing surface gloss and colour. This vinyl can be used in the following applications, marine, automotive, wood, and glass applications. It has 3-year durability when properly applied. The shelf life is 1 year when kept under the following climate conditions of 23C and 50% relative humidity.

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Styletech Holographic

801 Holographic Mist, 80123 Mist Gold, 80130 Mist Cherry MTLZ, 80138 Mist Blue, 801RB Mist Rainbow MTLZ, 802 Holographic Confetti, 805 Holographic Bubbles, 841 Rainbow, 844 Confetti Blocks Sliver, 846 Rain Laminate, 847 Rain Sliver, 848 Rain Pink, 850RB Rainbow Hearts, GLV Metalized Galvanized

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