Styletech Matte Removable Adhesive Vinyl


  • 431MR Matte Teal
  • 432 Matte Mint
  • 433MR Matte Coral
  • 434MR Matte Lavender
  • 438MR Matte Rose Gold
  • 444MR Matte Plum
  • 445MR Matte Green
  • 448MR Matte Forest Green
  • 450 Matte Ice Blue
  • 452MR Matte Olive
  • 454MR Matte Lime Tree
  • 455MR Matte Royal Blue
  • 456MR Matte Cobalt Blue
  • 461 Matte Orange
  • 464MR Matte Red
  • 465MR Matte Light Pink
  • 466MR Matte Dark Red
  • 468MR Matte Pink
  • 469MR Matte Magenta
  • 482MR Matte Beige
  • 483MR Matte Copper
  • 484MR Matte Ocean Blue
  • 486MR Matte Bright Teal
  • 487MR Matte Tiff Blue
  • 488MR Matte Brown
  • 489MR Matte Bright Tomato
  • 491MR Matte White
  • 493MR Matte Sliver
  • 494MR Matte Grey
  • 496MR Matte Soft Grey
  • 498MR Matte Black

Styletech Matte Removable Adhesive Vinyl

Styletech’s matte removable adhesive vinyl is the perfect film for placing on a wall or mirror because it is REMOVABLE and reposition-able. It will remove easily and cleanly for up to 2 years. The Styletech Matte Removable line up is available in 33 colours including Coral, Tiffany Blue and Mint, which are the sought after colours in todays trends.

RQC is now an authorized Distributor for Styletech, we have one of the largest selections of the products Styletech carries, we are located in the heart of  South Western Ontario. This vinyl is a removable vinyl that is 3 mils thick and has an amazing matte surface colour. This vinyl can be used in the following applications, decoration, wood, and mirror/glass applications. It has 5-year durability when properly applied. The ideal application temperature is 50F-105F.

This product is ideal for glass applications including windows, doors, storefronts, partitions, mirrors, and glassware. Use it for decoration, branding, crafts, and general signage. This vinyl is also great for temporary or medium term graphics. For example when you want to stick something up for a week, a season or longer and want to take it down without a problem, then this is the vinyl you want to use.


  • Finish: Matte
  • Durability: Up to 5 years
  • Film Type: Polymeric Vinyl (Removable)
  • Adhesive Removability: Repositionable Solvent Acrylic
  • Thickness: 3 Mils
  • Recommended Applications: Ideal for short-term glass graphics, including decoration, crafts, and branding on windows, doors, storefronts, partitions, mirrors & glassware.
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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Styletech Matte Removable

431MR Matte Teal, 432 Matte Mint, 433MR Matte Coral, 434MR Matte Lavender, 438MR Matte Rose Gold, 444MR Matte Plum, 445MR Matte Green, 448MR Matte Forest Green, 450 Matte Ice Blue, 452MR Matte Olive, 454MR Matte Lime Tree, 455MR Matte Royal Blue, 456MR Matte Cobalt Blue, 461 Matte Orange, 464MR Matte Red, 465MR Matte Light Pink, 466MR Matte Dark Red, 468MR Matte Pink, 469MR Matte Magenta, 482MR Matte Beige, 483MR Matte Copper, 484MR Matte Ocean Blue, 486MR Matte Bright Teal, 487MR Matte Tiff Blue, 488MR Matte Brown, 489MR Matte Bright Tomato, 491MR Matte White, 493MR Matte Sliver, 494MR Matte Grey, 496MR Matte Soft Grey, 498MR Matte Black

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