Sublimation Popsicle Holders/ Ice Pop


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Sublimation Popsicle Holders/ Ice Pop

Get your Sublimation Popsicle Holders/ Ice Pop holders perfect to personalize for that little special one in your life, just in time for Easter or birthday party loot bags. These are perfect to help insulate those cold freezies.  The sublimation Ice Pop holder is made out of Neoprene material that is 3mm thick.  These sublimation insulation sleeves help keep fingers warm and clean while keeping the ice pop cold giving your child a longer-lasting treat with less melt and no more freezing fingers, suitable for both adults and kids. The Ice pop sleeve is perfect for kids, parties, backyard barbecues, or even everyday use, great to personalize.

The Sublimation Ice Pop holder is approximately 6.89″ long by 2.36″ wide.

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