Toilet Paper Quarantine Christmas Ornament x 1


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Toilet Paper Quarantine Christmas Ornament x 1

Get your very own Toilet Paper Quarantine Christmas Ornament, 2020 was definitely a memorable year. One of the most memorable and I am not understanding why that lead to the lack of toilet paper in the Crisis of USA and Canada. This toilet paper roll with the date stamped 2020 will provide the most unforgettable and perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones, friends.  Enjoy this for years to come. Bring smiles and laughter to everyone that sees it on your tree, this the perfect way to end 2020. Created from PLA, Size is 9 x 5cm or 3.5″ x 2″

Note: this is created through 3 D printer technology, it is high quality but there may be differences from one to the other as it’s not mass-produced.

Due to the difference in lighting and screen, the color of this item may be slightly different from the picture.

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