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5-Minute Craft Ideas To Try Today

5-Minute Craft Ideas To Try Today

, by Tammy Harris, 3 min reading time

One of the best ways to distract one's self from the day-to-day anxiety of our current situation is crafting. It gives both your hands and your mind an inexpensive project on which to focus, and it can result in both new skills and beautiful art.  These five-minute crafts will give your brain a little break and relieve some of that stay-in-place boredom, no matter what your age! Ribbon Flowers Do you have any leftover ribbon and buttons? Turn them into easy-to-make ribbon flowers! Cut 6 - 8 strips of ribbon to equal lengths, roughly 4 - 6 inches in length. Dab some hot glue on the center of each ribbon, then bend the ends into the glue. Next, align the middles of your ribbons by stacking them one on top of the other, keeping the petals offset.  Once you've arranged them how you want, add a drop of glue in between petals to attach them. Unbend the petals a little so that the ribbon flower looks fuller, and add extra dots of glue to hold everything in place. Finish by gluing a button in the middle. You can then glue your flower to magnets, headbands, or make little decorative bouquets! Paper Tape Art Use some masking tape and paint to create abstract art in minutes! Take white paper, poster board, or a canvas and make little shapes with painter's tape. Then, get creative! Whether you're carefully applying colours or letting out your inner Jackson Pollack, it's a great way to create wall-appropriate art and let out a little steam in the process. DIY Charging Station  This is a very practical craft because if you're stuck inside, you've noticed that your charging cables and cords are everywhere. Cables for your phone, tablet, and laptop tangle easily, and often get lost forever when someone in your home walks away with them. This time, it's a ribbon accessory that's coming to the rescue: a ribbon dispenser box.  The little holes in the dispenser box make it easy to keep your cords and power strips organized and out of sight. Cut a hole in the box with a utility knife so that the power strip can pass into the box. Plug in your charging box, thread the cords through the holes, label them, and have fun decorating your new DIY charging station!  Customized Glassware If you have a Cricut, five-minute projects are a breeze. This tool and adhesive vinyl have both made crafting a lot easier, and you can print out custom designs in only a couple of minutes! It's a great way to spruce up wine glasses and label baby bottles or sippy cups.  Paper Flower Frames Paper flower frames are another craft you can make with the Cricut, but they are so easy to do, you can freehand the project with scissors, too! All you need is a gluestick, scrapbooking paper, and some special pictures. Cut two pieces out of separate pieces of scrapbooking paper, each with a hole in it large enough for your picture: one in the classic flower shape with petals, and one smaller ring to go in the centre of your flower (the picture). Glue them together, then affix your photo behind them. It's the perfect spring touch for the fridge, stuck on skewers in a pot of real flowers, or for a larger collage!


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