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Help! My Vinyl Won't Stick To The Transfer Tape!

Help! My Vinyl Won't Stick To The Transfer Tape!

, by Abbey H, 3 min reading time

Are you having trouble with your transfer tape not picking up your vinyl? Well, you are in luck. This blog post is going to be all about how to solve this problem. Transfer tape can sometimes be hard to work with when it comes to crafting. Below we are going to go over step by step some solutions that can fix your problem.

Now, let's get to it! Transfer Tape Sold By RQC Supply There can be several reasons that your vinyl isn't sticking to your vinyl. Unfortunately, there isn't one quick answer that can solve all your issues. To solve any case, we first need to assess the problem. Now let's go over some of the issues!

  1. You are working with 'old' vinyl.
  2. You may have purchased a low-quality of vinyl. 
  3. You may have cut too deep in the vinyl. Your cut has also cut the backing.
  4. You are using a type of vinyl that is just tricky to work with, like glitter vinyl.
  5. Your transfer tape is not sicky because it is a cheap brand or old and has lost some of its stickiness. 
These are the five things to consider when you are working with vinyl and transfer tape. I would always suggest working with vinyl from siser or Styletech. We also have some excellent transfer tapes to choose from at RQC Supply. Below are three tips that could help you out. 

Tip #1: Flipping over the vinyl and removing the transfer tape. 

This tip is one of my favorite solutions. If you can't peel it from the front, try removing it from the back! Flip that vinyl over and slowly remove the backing of the vinyl instead. Sometimes the support back has too strong of a hold of the vinyl. Removing the sticker back solves most problems. This tip also works if you have cut through the backing and are having trouble weeding your project. Try looking at the situation from the other side! 

Tip #2: Using a tape with a better high tack. 

Did you know that each transfer tape has a grade for high tack? It's ok not everyone does. If you are still having trouble getting the vinyl to stick to the transfer tape, then maybe it's time to look into a higher grade of transfer tape. If you are working with a type of vinyl that is heavy, for example, glitter vinyl, then the vinyl could be too heavy for the transfer tape. The heavier vinyl, the higher the level should be for high tack. 

Tip #3: you have touched your vinyl too much, try wiping it down!

Your hands create a natural oil that can leave a residue when we touch our items. If you have handled your vinyl, the oil from your hands could cause the vinyl to have oil on it too. It also could be dust if you have waited a bit to transfer the vinyl to the item. If it's dust or oil residue, the transfer tape will have some trouble sticking to the vinyl now. You should wipe down the vinyl and get a new piece of transfer tape. Keeping your vinyl as clean as possible is very important when crafting.  There you have it! All the tips and tricks that can solve your issues using transfer tape. There is so much to learn when it comes to crafting with vinyl. It's all about Infomation and trial and error. Sometimes you will never know what issues you may have before you try, and that's ok! Soon you could be the crafting expert you want to be! 


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