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5 Easy Crafts For Your Kids On A Rainy Summer Day

5 Easy Crafts For Your Kids On A Rainy Summer Day

, by Tammy Harris, 2 min reading time

Summer holidays trapped indoors by rainy weather can be just as hard on you as it is on your children. If you’ve got kids with ants in their pants on a grey day, don’t let them say “I’m boooored” - just break out the craft supplies and try one of these great ideas!

3D Paper Sculpting

What you need: Construction paper and glue sticks This craft is simple, but it lets your kids channel their inner artist. Use a piece of construction paper or a thick piece of cardboard for the base. Then, cut colourful pieces of paper into strips of various lengths and widths. Finally, use glue sticks to mold the paper into creative 3D sculptures! You can use another form adhesive (like tape or staples) if glue is in short supply.

Edible Jewelry

What you need: Ribbon or string, hooped snacks Do you have a few too many boxes of cereal in the pantry? This craft will make snack time more fun! Necklaces and bracelets made from cereal, popcorn, or candy can provide a little fun to snack time. Your kids can make creative, colourful patterns mixing their favourite treats into fun jewelry. 

DIY Board Game Fun

What you need: Construction paper or bristol board, markers Kids love board games, but there’s only so many times you can play Candyland again. Let your kids make the rules with their own game! There’s no end to what they can think of, and you can help them make rules, spinners, dice, little tokens - it’s fun, and they’ll learn a lot along the way! Don’t forget to play it with the whole family later!

Finger Puppets Pals

What you need: Felt or construction paper, glue, markers, string, googly eyes Finger puppets are easy to make, and your children will have a ton of fun making their own little characters. Felt makes for a more durable finger puppet, but construction paper will do for a rainy afternoon. Once you’ve got a template for a body that is moulded to their finger shape, they can do the rest. They can add googly eyes, hair made of string, clothes, etc. After they’re done, have them put on a little puppet show!

Make Your Own Story Book

What you need: Paper, colouring pencils, some staples, ribbon, or string for binding, a little imagination Having kids write their own stories is a great way to exercise their imaginations. They can come up with a story, draw the illustrations, and just have fun doing some writing. When they’re done, you can help them bind the book with ribbon or staples, and ta-da! - you’ve got the next J.K. Rowling on your hands!


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