Colouring is the perfect way to bring your creative projects to life! Whether you're painting, knitting, sketching, or even just doodling - get ready to infuse your work with a vibrant burst of colour. Our Colouring range is specially formulated to bring out the joy and vibrancy of any project while still providing a mess-free, streak-free performance. With its easy to blend and mix colours, the possibilities for expression are truly endless. And with its conveniently sized and portable packaging, Colouring can follow your creative journey wherever you go! So why not try something new and let your creativity shine! With Colouring, you can bring your crafty creations to life, in a colourful and magical way!

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  • Sharpie Classic Markers sold by the Arts and Craft Store located in Woodstock, Ontario called RQC Supply Canada

    Sharpie Sharpie Metallic Markers

    45 in stock

    Sharpie Metallic Markers: are premium-quality with a fine tip that works great on dark paper. Perfect for customizing greeting cards, packages, CDs and more, they are permanent on most surfaces with a certified AP non-toxic formula. Add a unique personal touch with these versatile markers. Oil Based Sharpie Markers: A permanent, oil-based opaque paint marker that marks on most surfaces including glass, metal, rubber, plastic, paper, wood and more. Great for art and crafts. The paint is xylene-free, quick drying and water-, fade- and abrasion-resistant. Available in four point sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium and bold. Sharpie Twin Tip Markers: The Sharpie permanent, waterproof marker marks on glass, metal, photos, foil, paper, and most plastics. These Twin Tip permanent markers have a fine tip on one end and an ultra-fine tip on the other for ultimate versatility and value.

    45 in stock

    $3.30 - $9.75

  •  Permanent Fabric Markers sold by RQC Supply Canada an arts and craft store located in Woodstock, Ontario showing Neon Green Colour

    Color Factory Fabric Paint Marker Permanent 3ml - Color Factory

    55 in stock

    Transform fabric items into whimsical works of art with the Fabric Paint Marker Permanent 3ml by Color Factory. Embellish any fabric piece with a vivid fine point marker that is permanent, machine washable, and safe for dry-cleaning after setting. After 30 minutes with an iron, the design can be used right away; wait for 24 hours for the design to fully set for longer lasting results. Elevate your style with this chic and creative tool.

    55 in stock


  • Metallic Markers 1.2mm Fine Point With Shaker Ball

    Forever in Time Metallic Markers 1.2mm Fine Point With Shaker Ball

    29 in stock

    Metallic Markers 1.2mm Fine Point With Shaker Ball Each marker is designed to give you a striking metallic effect visible on all backgrounds, even black! The extra-fine point allows for precise markings. Use on paper, cardstock, plastic, cloth, metal, wood, ceramics, glass, and more! Great for Card Making, Scrapbooking, and DIY Craft Projects.

    29 in stock


  • Glass Markers Ceramic/Porcelain Fineliner Permanent 3ml d

    Color Factory Glass Markers Ceramic/Porcelain Fineliner Permanent 3ml d

    16 in stock

    Glass Markers Ceramic/Porcelain Fineliner Permanent 3ml Perfect for personalizing mugs or creating a masterpiece on glass, ceramic, porcelain, and other non-porous surfaces. The fine tip allows for sharp and precise lines. Dishwasher & Microwave safe after heat setting for 30 minutes at 160°C. RQC Supply is happy to provide you with 7 colour options. Crafting Made easy. 

    16 in stock


  • Metallic Markers 0.7mm Extra Fine Point

    Forever in Time Metallic Markers 0.7mm Extra Fine Point

    18 in stock

    Metallic Markers 0.7mm Extra Fine Point Each marker is designed to give you a striking metallic effect visible on all backgrounds, even black! The extra-fine point allows for precise markings. Use on paper, cardstock, plastic, cloth, metal, wood, ceramics, glass, and more! Great for Card Making, Scrapbooking, and DIY Craft Projects.

    18 in stock


  • Copic Black Special Sketch Markers sold by RQC Supply Canada located in Woodstock, Ontario

    Copic Copic Assortment A

    194 in stock

    Copic Assortment A is a high quality alcohol marker from Japan-based Too, with 358 colours available to choose from and refilling inks that can be blended together for new hues. The tips are interchangeable, offering customizability, while any empty felts are easily replaced. Too offers superior art and design supplies, with decades of cutting-edge technology.

    194 in stock


  • Orange Highlighters sold by RQC Supply Canada located in Woodstock, Ontario

    Arteza Highlighters, Wide Chisel Tip, Orange x 1 marker - Arteza

    92 in stock

    Reliable Color - Underline and highlight your most important points or notes Bulk Set - Great for resupplying your classroom, office, or home Durable Chisel Tips - Make sharp, eye-catching marks that can’t be missed Smear-Free - The quick-drying ink won't smudge, making these ideal for left-handed writers This orange highlighters with wide chisel tips are ideal for any classroom, office, business, or home. Orange is a reliable color that you can underline and highlight your most important points or notes with. Whether you are looking to highlight text, underline,  illustrate, color, or add a splash of color to a pre-existing illustration, this bulk set has got you covered. The smear-free, German ink featured in our highlighters is quick-drying and smear-free. The quick-drying ink in our highlighters makes them especially ideal for left handed people.    The durable chisel tips on each highlighter makes sharp, eye-catching marks that won’t be missed or fade over time. You can use the tip of the highlighter for very fine lines or details, and the wide angled part of the chisel tips to create thicker highlighting marks. This universal set of orange highlighters will make your business, home, work, or school life a little bit easier. Say goodbye to low-quality highlighters, and hello to your new set of remarkable orange highlighters, by adding this set to your cart today.   Stock up on all the highlighters your home and office need with our orange highlighters . This plentiful wide chisel tip highlighters set makes a wonderful addition to any classrooms, libraries, offices, businesses, or workspaces. Whether you’re taking class online or in person, you’ll need a reliable set of highlighters by your side. Invest in your academic work, professional work, or personal life by ordering this orange highlighter.

    92 in stock


  • Arteza Liquid Chalk Marker Kit set of 8, sold by RQC Supply Canada located in Woodstock, Ontario

    Arteza Liquid Chalk Markers, Metallic - Set of 8 - Arteza

    10 in stock

    Make Eye-Catching Signs - The ideal color set to add an extra special effect to menu boards, displays, welcome signs & announcements at restaurants, offices, classrooms & home For Work & Play - Add charm to any business board or use for sidewalk games, chalkboard wall stickers & paint Professional Tools - The set includes 8 replaceable chisel tips, 50 labels, 2 sticky stencils, and tweezers for pro results with every design Dust-Free & Durable - No messy chalk dust to worry about and these markers won't fray or crack with use Your marks will stand out beautifully with this metallic set of 8 Liquid Chalk Markers. The eye-catching metallic colors included in this set of premium chalk are wisteria (purple), gold, rose gold, electric blue, silver, strawberry ice, cactus green, and orchid pink. The unique metallic palette featured in this set of 8 Liquid Chalk Markers gives artists and writers fun and original colors to illustrate, write, draw, and color with. Our water-based liquid chalkboard markers are perfect for chalkboards and just about any non-porous surface. The washable chalk marker’s formula easily washes off of your blackboard, glass, plastic, and pavement surfaces. Whether you plan to create a breath-taking mural, use these markers to leave messages, write notes, or menu items down, this set of 8 Liquid Chalk Markers will not disappoint. If you happen to wear down the tip of your marker, simply swap it out for a new one with the convenient tweezers and replaceable nibs. These versatile, non-toxic Liquid Chalk Markers were made with all of your chalk wants and needs in mind. Say, ‘goodbye’ to the days of having your arm and hand covered in chalk after writing by upgrading to our Liquid Chalk Markers. This set of eight metallic, Liquid Chalk Markers will make writing on blackboard surfaces a stress, mess, and hassle-free activity. Regardless if you’re writing or drawing you’ll find the task simplified with our professional-grade Liquid Chalk Markers — order your set while supplies last.

    10 in stock


  • Artesa Flusorescent Acrylic Markers sold by RQC Supply Canada located in Woodstock, Ontario shown in Fluorescent Yellow

    Arteza 3 Premium Acrylic Markers - Arteza

    21 in stock

    Bright & Vibrant Colors - Our acrylic markers feature noticeably vibrant colors that provide artists with great coverage & blend effortlessly  Convenient Packs of 3 - Enjoy creating with markers with a chisel and bullet nib and plastic nib. Transform Most Surfaces - These unique painting markers work beautifully on most surfaces, including glass, cardboard, canvas, wood, porcelain, metal, textiles, ceramics, plastic, & rubber Individually Labeled - Each acrylic paint marker is clearly labeled with its color name, color number, & nib information, for your convenience  Low-Odor & Acid-Free - Our art markers are quick-drying, low-odor, acid-free, AP-certified non-toxic, & feature water-based ink making this a great set of artists of all ages Arteza’s three-pack of premium Open Stock Acrylic Markers offers artists three of their favorite acrylic paint markers for one affordable rate. Our three-pack of open stock acrylic paint markers includes two big barrel markers (with chisel and bullet nibs), as well as one small barrel marker with a plastic nib. This pack of three offers artists true diversity in their acrylic painting makers. Our paint markers come in a variety of bright, pigment-packed colors, allowing artists of all palette preferences to find their perfect set of three Arteza paint markers. These are the best acrylic paint markers we offer, they allow for smooth blending and feature quick-drying, kid-friendly, water-based ink.  Our acrylic paint markers are each AP-certified non-toxic, acid-free, and feature low-odor ink, making this set suitable for artists of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Each marker is individually labeled to make creating on the go a total breeze. Our paint markers are for metal, wood, canvas, cardboard, paper, glass, ceramic, plastic, and rubber surfaces, allowing artists to create on a wide range of surfaces. For best possible results, shake each marker well before initial use or to reactivate the marker, and work on primed surfaces. This set of professional-grade acrylic markers will allow painting to be as approachable and easy as working with markers! 

    21 in stock


  • Touch and Mix Gradient Markers Brush Tip Alcohol Based Ink made by Color Factory sold by RQC Supply Canada located in Woodstock, Ontario shown in bright blend

    Forever in Time Touch & Mix Gradient Markers Brush Tip 6pk Alcohol-Based - Color Factory

    17 in stock

    Let your creativity flow with these Touch & Mix Gradient Markers. Colored markers have a soft brush tip, while the white, translucent marker has a firm tip to lighten any color. Use on paper and cardstock to create a variety of gradients and color blends. An essential for every artist!

    17 in stock


  • Shades of Blue metallic markers sold by RQC Supply Canada located in Woodstock Ontario

    Forever in Time Metallic Dual-Tip Markers Fine+Brush 4pk Water Based - Color Factory

    24 in stock

    Create dazzling stroke effects with these Metallic Dual-Tip Markers. The brush tip is designed to create from super fine, to thick bold strokes, by adjusting the pressure or angle of the tip, while the fine tip allows for precise strokes. Use on paper, canvas, cardstock & more. An essential for every artist!

    24 in stock


  • Posca Marker Assortment sold by RQC Supply Canada an art and craft store located in Woodstock, Ontario

    Posca POSCA Paint Markers Broad and X Broad

    97 in stock

    The PCF-350 brush tip marker combines the advantages of a paintbrush with the benefits of a pen. With its soft tip, it can be used for hard to reach areas, and it allows professionals and beginners to experience the pleasure of painting without the props. The PC-1MR extra-fine tip marker has the same qualities as a paint marker in the form of a fine tip pen. It's designed for professionals and beginners requiring an ultra-fine and consistent line in a wide selection of colors. The PC-1M extra-fine, tapered bullet tip marker is ideal for fine detailed work. A favorite to color or write with accuracy. The PC-3M fine bullet tip marker is great for both coloring and writing clean lines. This versatile marker can be used to customize, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires you. The PC-5M medium bullet tip marker is the "multi-purpose" marker of the POSCA range. It produces neat and precise lines, and is ideal for coloring. An all-around favorite of both professionals and beginners. The PC-7M broad bullet tip marker is ideal for large-scale precision and drawing smooth, curved lines. This newest size is appreciated by both amateurs and professionals, as a natural complement to the PC-8K. The PC-8K broad chisel tip marker draws neat curves and covers large surfaces. Ideal for flat-tints, urban art, sign making, interior design, board customization and more. The PC-17K extra-broad, rectangular chisel tip marker is a favorite of professionals and artists for creating large-scale artwork. Great for filling in background colors, wall murals, urban art, interior design and more. Technical specifications: protective cap, replaceable water rinsible tipInk: opaque, non toxic, water based, alcohol, solvent and odour free, blendable, quick dry formulaApplications: no primer required, for use on all surfaces (paper, glass, cardboard, wood, porcelain, metal, textile, ceramic, plastic, etc.), erasable from non porous surfaces (glass, metal)

    97 in stock

    $8.50 - $13.00

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