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Brand Update

Why We’re Now RQC Supply

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: Ribbon Queen Canada is now RQC Supply! We've recently rebranded our store to reflect the wide variety of products we offer. As we listened to our new and loyal customers, the business has become about so much more than ribbons!

After all, what's in a name? As we have found out, quite a lot. RQC Supply still has every satin, grosgrain, and FOE ribbon you could possibly want and then some. But crafts are getting more intricate, and people are using more advanced tools and materials to create incredible works of art. Cricuts, etching, sublimation, faux leather - demand is soaring for new, exciting products. It has become so much easier to customize just about anything, and homemade gifts and home decor are becoming more popular. On top of all that, crafting now spans all demographics - there's no limit to who can make crafts and what they can make! 

Crafting has made a lot of advancements in recent years. One game-changer is vinyl. Adhesives, heat-transfer vinyl, and etched glass vinyl have made personalized indoor and outdoor decorations easier and more affordable. Now crafters can make stickers, decals, t-shirts, and a variety of unique gifts and decorations at home. Whether you're looking for Siser, Oracal, stencil films, or customizable blank products, RQC Supply has it. Our new name includes this diverse array of products, and we're excited to help you bring all your vinyl craft ideas to life.

The world of crafts is changing, and so has our name. But RQC Supply is still a family-run store committed to providing crafters in Canada and beyond with ribbon, vinyl, and other cutting-edge materials at affordable prices. Take a browse and get inspired!

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