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Freezie Holders

Freezie Holders
Introducing the ultimate crafting companion that will bring a smile to your face - Freezie Holders! These delightful little champions of creativity ensure that your cold treats stay frosty and fabulous, while unleashing a wave of fun and joy into your crafting endeavors. Say goodbye to melted messes and hello to hours of creative bliss!

Crafters, we know you have a special place in your heart for all things DIY and handmade. That's why we've designed Freezie Holders to be the perfect sidekick for your crafting adventures. Whether you're painting, sewing, or sculpting, these little wonders will keep your icy companions chilled to perfection, allowing you to lose yourself in a world of artistic brilliance. Buy yours today at RQC Supply Canada!!

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  • Solid Freeze Ice Pop Holder

    RQC Supply Solid Freeze Ice Pop Holder

    1833 in stock

    Freezie Pop Holders Nothing says summer like the countless popsicles and freezies enjoyed under the warm sunshine with friends. Dimension of area to personalize is 1.5" x 5", overall dimensions approx 6 3/4" x 2.5" **Note Freezee not Included but can be found at a local dollerstore or supermarket grocery store* Unfortunately, with those warm temperatures comes a lot of melting and the potential for ruined clothes and sticky fingers. To make summertime the best experience, its good to have a few tricks up your sleeves. If you're tired of wiping your kids down constantly or wrapping their ice pop in paper towels, you may want to try and freezie pop holders. The insulation helps to keep the freeze pop cold, making it last longer, while absorbing any drips into the fabric before there is a stick mess, raising the fun. The best part is the freeze pop holders are easy to personalize with heat transfer vinyls and come in fun colours, so kids won't protest using them!. The pop holders fit the most common sized yogurts, popsicles and freezies, so they can easily be slid into the sleeve. The ice pops are easier to hold without freezing their little fingers, easier to grip so there are no tears when it inevitably falls to the ground, easier to clean up after. A win-win for the little ones and grown-ups alike!  

    1833 in stock


  • Mermaid tail - Freeze Ice Pop Holders

    RQC Supply Mermaid tail - Freeze Ice Pop Holders

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    3945 in stock

    Mermaid tail - Freeze Ice Pop Holders These are blank ready for your to personalize.  Tired of wrapping the little ones freezer pops in paper towels? Well, we were too! That's why we are bringing you these fabulous Freezer Pop Insulators.  Simply slide the freezer pop in and you are set. Fits most freezer pops and yogurts. No more freezing hands. Personalize with our heat transfer vinyls. ** Note: Freezee holder does not include the freezee **

    3945 in stock


  • Shark Ice Pop Holder - Freeze Holder

    RQC Supply Shark Ice Pop Holder - Freeze Holder

    864 in stock

    Our freeze holders are the perfect solution for keeping those little hands warm and dry. These shark ice pop holders are designed in a fun and unique shape that is sure to delight kids of all ages. Cut out of durable neoprene fabric in a shark design, they are blank and ready for you to personalize with your own decorations. With their stylish and distinctive design, our freeze holders provide a unique way of keeping freezer pops and yogurts cold without freezing your hands. Simply slide the freeze pop into the holder and you're all set - it fits in most popular freeze pop sizes. You'll be able to keep enjoying frozen treats anytime with our freeze holders, so don't wait - grab yours today and get ready to freeze! Thanks for reading, and happy freezing!

    864 in stock


  • Sublimation Popsicle Holders/ Ice Pop

    Sublimation Sublimation Popsicle Holders/ Ice Pop

    Out of stock

    These Sublimation Popsicle Holders are perfect to personalize for that little special one in your life or for a special occasion. The sublimation ice pop holder is made out of neoprene material that is 3mm thick and can be customizable with Cricut. These sublimation insulation sleeves help keep fingers warm and clean while keeping the ice pop cold, giving you a longer-lasting treat with less melt and no more freezing fingers, suitable for both adults and kids. The ice pop sleeve is perfect for kids, parties, backyard barbecues, or even everyday use. Specifications: 6.89" long by 2.36" wide  

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