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Acrylic Blanks the New Hot Crafting Item.

Acrylic Blanks the New Hot Crafting Item.

, by Abbey H, 3 min reading time

If I could guess the next hot crafting item, I am sure I wouldn't have thought acrylic blanks. But here we are! Surprisingly these discs are not only used for Christmas ornaments. I have spotted many posts on social media showing some cool crafting ideas for acrylic blanks. This blog post will focus on two ideas for your acrylic discs or acrylic shapes. Number one is keychains and luggage tags. The second is the engraving on acrylic blanks. 
Craft Number One! Keychains and Luggage Tags.
Acrylic Shaped Discs, Acrylic Christmas Ornaments sold by RQC Supply Canada Acrylic Shaped Discs, Acrylic Christmas Ornaments sold by RQC Supply Canada[/caption] Acrylic blanks are so fun to work with. RQC Supply offers many different shapes and sizes that are for purchase. For this craft, you aren't limited to just a disc. RQC Supply offers; wine glasses, dog bone, cross, snowman, crown, angles, stars, luggage tag, and remembrance shapes, As well as the 3" and 5" discs. With a lot of options, this makes the possibilities for this craft endless.  There are many ways to decorate your chosen acrylic blanks, but the one we will be focusing on is decorating them with vinyl. Honestly, it is pretty much the same way you would apply adhesive vinyl to anything. First off, there will be an adhesive sheet covering the blank. This is there, so the product isn't scratched before use. So make sure to remove that before applying the vinyl. Secondly, let's select the vinyl we want to use. As long as it is adhesive vinyl, you really can't go wrong with your selection. Next, measure the area of acrylic you would like to place your vinyl on. After that, select your SVG file you would like to load into your Circut. MAKE SURE you MIRROR your image. Then apply the vinyl to the back of the keychain or luggage tag. This protects the vinyl from the human touch. The more you touch vinyl, the more it wears out, even if it is permanent vinyl. And voila, you are done! While this may seem like a simple craft, there isn't a limit to how many creative ways you can create with this craft. Sometimes the simplest crafts are the best ones! 
Craft Number Two! Engraving Acrylic Discs.
Acrylic 5" Round Christmas Ornaments sold by RQC Supply Canada Acrylic 3" Round Christmas Ornaments sold by RQC Supply Canada[/caption] Now, this is cool. Did you know that the Cricut has an engraving feature? With a new engraving tip for Circut, you can engrave one to acrylic discs. Now you may be asking yourself, "that is cool, but how does this fit into a craft?". Well, you can place the disc into a LED stand making a cool light for everyone to enjoy!  To start this design, measure the area of the acrylic disc you would like to engrave. I do suggest using the circles for this project. This is because they fit into LED lights nicely. After you know what size you would like to make your engraving load your SVG file into the Cricut design space app; with the image selected in the program, switch the line type to engrave. Next, make sure you remove the protective film from the acrylic—next, tape down the disc using painter's tape to the center of the mat. Once you are at the mat view, make sure that the design is centered on the item you want to engrave. Lastly, select the material you are engraving on, which would be acrylic. That's Pretty much it! You have made your first engraved acrylic project!  Well, there you have it! You have some new crafts to try out. Make sure to tag us on social media if you are planning on posting your art! There are so many different crafting ideas you can make with acrylic blanks the possibilities are endless! Happy crafting!


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