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Become a Barbie Girl this summer buy all the supplies to create your very own tshirt today!! Visit us instore located at 236 SPRINGBANK AVE, Woodstock or through the website.

Become a Barbie Girl this Summer with RQC Supply's Pink Heat Transfer

, by Tammy Harris, 2 min reading time

With the hype surrounding the latest Barbie-inspired movie, it’s no surprise that the fashion world is abuzz with the pinkcore trend. Embrace this summer’s Barbie trend with RQC Supplies collection of Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)! Visit us in-store or online today!!!

Barbie has been a fashion icon for over six decades now. With the new Barbie-inspired movie on the horizon, fashionistas all around the world are excited to embrace her iconic pink style. Get ready to embrace your inner Barbie girl this summer with the most exceptional collection of Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). Whether it’s a glittery finish or a metallic texture, we’ve got you covered. RQC Supply's pink HTV is going to help you create a look that embodies the essence of Barbie.

Recreate Barbie Girl today!!

1. Sparkling Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl:
No Barbie-inspired outfit is ever complete without a touch of glitter. Sparkling Pink HTV is perfect for adding some sparkle to your custom creations. The glitter finish is easy to weed and cut, making it a convenient option for beginners and experts alike. The Sparkling Pink HTV can be used on various fabrics like cotton, polyester, and cotton blends for all your apparel needs.

2. Electric Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl:
The Electric Pink HTV is perfect for giving your custom creations a unique texture. With a metallic finish, your personalized pieces are sure to make a bold statement. This HTV is ideal for items like sportswear, activewear, and any garment that’s heavily used. Electric Pink HTV can be applied using a heat press or an iron.

3. Pink Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl:
If you’re looking for an edgy look, then Pink Flock HTV is the perfect choice. With a velvet finish, this HTV provides an ultra-soft touch and luxurious feel to any garment. The flocked texture has great opacity and can be used on garments made with cotton, polyester, or blends of both materials. This Pink Flock HTV is best applied using a heat press.


With RQC Supply's  Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl Collection, you can become a Barbie girl this summer in no time. Choose from our glittery Sparkling Pink HTV, Electric Pink HTV, or Pink Flock HTV to create custom items that will bring the iconic Barbie style to life. So go ahead and embrace your inner Barbie girl this summer Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl Collection.

Happy Crafting!


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