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The Differences Between Our Vinyl Products

The Differences Between Our Vinyl Products

, by Tammy Harris, 3 min reading time

The Ribbon Queen Canada store carries quite a few different types of self-adhesive vinyl. This material is a pressure-sensitive adhesive made with vinyl polymer and a methacrylic polymer to create vibrant, durable designs and images. The material readily absorbs certain types of ink, making it perfect for both home crafting and business products. But not all vinyl products are the same, and choosing the right one for your specific needs is important. If you're unfamiliar with the terminology, here is what makes some of our vinyl products so unique!

Premium Cast Vinyl

oracal vinyl logo - rqc supplyOracal might be the biggest name in adhesive vinyl, and they made their reputation with a series of high-gloss Premium Cast Vinyls. This type of adhesive vinyl is made for extreme conditions and uneven surfaces, and they are ideal for long-term graphics that are exposed to severe weather. It’s even resistant to seawater! If it’s outdoor lettering, marking and decorations you need, Premium Cast Vinyl is your best choice. The Oracal 951 is a Premium Cast Vinyl that is easy to cut and weed, and it has minimal shrinkage for permanent graphics that can withstand severe weather and handling conditions. We also offer Oracal Fluorescent vinyl adhesives in six super vibrant colours!

Why Does Oracal Vinyl Have Different Numbers Behind Them?

The numbers in Oracal’s line of Premium Cast Vinyl - 631, 651, 751, 951, and 8810 - indicate their durability. For example, Oracal 651 and Oracal 751 have a different overall quality in their vinyl finishes and durability, with 751 being superior in both. It has a better finish and eight-year durability compared to Oracal 651’s six-year durability. Oracal 751 is more flexible and able to conform better and flatter than the 651, though you’ll also pay a bit more for these advantages. You can use the numbers as an indication of what adhesive vinyl will suit your needs.

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl (PSV) is the Siser company’s name for its EasyPSV product. Like other products on the market, EasyPSV does not need heat to activate the adhesive. This is unlike Siser's Heat Transfer Vinyl, which is an iron-on material for cloth materials. This means PSV can go on items that would typically be damaged from the high temperature of a heat press, including plastic, ceramic, and drywall. Siser's sticky vinyl is a great choice for all your Cricut projects. EasyPSV can be used to decorate almost any hard surface in your home, and it adheres quickly and firmly to make it easy to decorate electronics, home appliances, walls, and much more!

Etched Glass Vinyl

Have you ever wondered how cool etching effects on interior glass are made? This isn't always through an intricate, messy process; more often than not, it's the result of special vinyl! Etched glass vinyl helps you create the look of etched or sandblasted glass without all the dust. It's ideal for drinkware (though they won’t be dishwasher safe, so make sure to hand wash) flower vases, mirrors, windows, glass block, and picture frames! The long-lasting etched glass vinyl products we carry make excellent choices for designing shop windows, glass doors, and glass-like surfaces.


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