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How To Make Vinyl Stickers With Cricut

How To Make Vinyl Stickers With Cricut

, by Todd Foster, 5 min reading time

Among the general and most favourite applications for the Cricut machine is to make your very own stickers. Although there are many different paths to do this, including the use of the Cricut Print-then-Cut feature and Cricut Pens, the most typical method is making stickers from vinyl. These days, vinyl is available in a wide range of textures, colours, and sheens, so you can create custom stickers that look however you want.

What You Need To Make Stickers

Making printable stickers seems like an overwhelming activity that needs unlimited materials. However, all you need are the following:

  • Printable vinyl
  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut cutting mat
  • Cricut scraper
  • Wedding tool
  • Transfer tape

How To Make Vinyl Stickers: Step By Step

Step 1. Create Your Design

You can use clip art from the internet, your Cricut Design Space, or from the files and photos on your computer/laptop. Then, make your own sticker design!

Step 2: Export Design in the Cricut Design Space

For the Cricut to precisely cut the sticker design, export the image as a PNG. Double-check your background layer is off before exporting as a PNG file. Then, open the Cricut Design Space application. All Cricut machines come with Cricut Design Space, a free, easy-to-learn design software.

Click the upload button on the main canvas and select your chosen designs.

Then, with the images on the canvas, click one cut image then tap on the "offset tool" on the top. The default offset layer is black, so change the colour to white to have a white border. Next, select both the offset layer and image top layer and click on "flatten" on the bottom right. Do this to all of your images.

You'll notice on the layers panel on the right side that every image now is a Print Then Cut layer. Arrange images as desired. You will then have to adjust them as needed to fit on your containers. Rather than estimating, we highly advise you to measure the area where you wish to put your vinyl decals.

Step 3. Click Make It

When your labels are sized, highlight them, group them, and select attach. Click the green “make it” button. You will notice that your design has been positioned inside a lined black box in one single image. On the cut screen, select the grid lines to decide how much vinyl you need to cut out your stickers.

Click continue and then select "send to printer."

*Note: If you're using printable vinyl stickers, inkjet printers are usually recommended for printable vinyl so it doesn’t get too hot.

You can toggle the use system dialogue to access more advanced printer settings to get the highest quality print from your machine. You will notice that the printed sheet has a solid black rectangle around the edges of the design.

Step 4: Set Materials

Using either a scissors or cutter, cut your printable vinyl down into accurate measurements of your container. Take the Cricut mat and lay the vinyl as close to the upper left corner as possible. Smooth down the sticker sheet with the Cricut scraper or any tool.

With your Cricut cutting machine selected to cut “vinyl,” load your cutting mat into the machine and press the blinking Cricut button to start the machine cutting. The Cricut maker will scan the black box around the sticker image to determine just where to make the cut line.

*Note: If you’d want to make a kiss cut, a “washi” or “sticky note” setting will produce a kiss cut; however, you may need to experiment with the settings based on your materials.

Step 5. Weeding

Once finished cutting, the machine will notify you that it’s time to unload the vinyl. Press the flashing arrow button and set your cutting mat onto your work surface. Then, start weeding the design. You can use either a pair of tweezers or a silhouette/Cricut hook tool to make this simple.

Poke and lift away the outside vinyl first. Work carefully to make sure your design remains on the white backing and doesn’t come off as you remove the excess. Then go back and pull any smaller details within your design.

Step 6. Cut The Transfer Tape

As soon as your stickers are completely weeded, cut out a piece of clear transfer tape that will fully cover one of your stickers.

Pull out the white paper from the sticky, gridded side of the tape and lay it flat over your sticker. Flatten hardly for the vinyl to completely come in contact with the transfer paper. If there are any air bubbles, even them out.

You can also use the scraper to lift the top corner of the tape and slowly remove the white backing from the vinyl and transfer tape.

When you are having a hard time with your sticker sheet curling or ripping as you peel it off, turn the mat upside down and pull off the mat from the sticker sheet.

With your sticker peeled off from the white paper backing, it’s time to stick it to your desired container!

Step 7. Now, Apply The Stickers

As required, pat your container clean with rubbing alcohol to guarantee no dust or dirt on its surface. You can add the vinyl sticker to smoother wood. Standfirst the wood for the sticker to adhere ideally.

Then, place the vinyl sticker onto the surface. Again, with the scraper, rub firmly on the sticker. Starting from a corner, slowly peel the vinyl sticker from the surface or else you might also remove the image.

That's it. You're done! You can now make vinyl stickers of any design and size to be put anywhere you want.

Personalize your Next New Project Now!

A few of the first projects new Cricut owners must get wind of is to make vinyl stickers or vinyl decals. Luckily, you now know how to make vinyl stickers with Cricut with our guide. Next time, you may use printed sticker paper with your home printer or an inkjet printer if you use printable vinyl. Then follow our steps from 1 - 3.

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