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Transfer Tape - How do I use it? Any Tips?

Transfer Tape - How do I use it? Any Tips?

, by Abbey H, 3 min reading time

Application tape or also referred to as transfer tape in the crafting world is easy to use, believe it or not. However, for beginner crafters, you could be lost on using it or even what type of tape you should be using! This post will be going over the three different types of vinyl tape and how to use each one. If you stick with the blog post, you will seem like an expert on transfer tape!

Let's start with; What types of tape are there?

Styletech Transfer Tapes Small Rolls sold by RQC Supply, your newest Styletech Distributor in Canada There are three types of transfer tapes. Paper, clear and liner. Their names give their differences away obviously.  Paper tape is very similar to masking tape. It is on the cheaper side, which is a big bonus. The downside is it isn't transparent, so it may be hard to see what you are downing. Also, something to keep in mind is that this tape isn't good with wet applications. Clear tape has a small price difference to the paper one, but you can see your design very well with this one. Grid clear tape only has one difference then the clear tape, and that is that there is a gird printed on the transfer tape. It may make it easier for you as the crafter to make your design line up to what you are transferring to. 

So How Do I Use Transfer Tape? 

Well, as I have stated before, it is pretty simple. Once you have your graphic weeded and ready to be placed on the item you want the vinyl to adhere to, you would just put a piece of tape on top of the graphic. You would apply pressure using a squeegee to the transfer tape to ensure that the vinyl below is sticking to the transfer tape. Once you think all the vinyl is stuck to the transfer tape, you want to remove your transfer tape. Start from the corner and pull back the tape at a 90-degree angle. Now you will see that the vinyl has been released from the carrier. You can now apply the vinyl to its new home and remove the tape! That's all the steps that you need to use transfer tape! 

Tips and Tricks!

Some things to keep in mind would be to make sure your design is smaller than the amount of tape you will like to use. If you have an oversized design, then the Yellow Felt Squeegee Sold By RQC Supply. tape roll, you can place multiple pieces. Make sure if you are doing this that the edges are overlapping slightly.  If there are any small parts to your design, you want to ensure that the transfer tape is well-adhered to them. A tiny little dot of your design can be lost in this process. It's ok to go over your graphic with the squeegee multiple times.  You may not have a squeegee, and that is ok! You can use your hands to apply pressure to the graphic.  Some Crafters find that starting center of the design and moving outwards help with apply the transfer tape.  Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to peeling the transfer tape away from the carrier. Going fast can cause the transfer tape to rip or, worse, wreck your design!   Now you may be thinking, is transfer tape necessary? Well, to answer your question, it depends. If there are any spaces in the design you are working with, I would recommend transfer tape. It would be hard if you are trying to create something with a lot of separated parts to it without transfer tape. Now each one to use that is up to you. Happy crafting! Don't forget if you want to share any of your crafting work; please tag us so RQC supply staff can see it! We love to see all the work from our customers! 


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