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What Does Single Face Ribbon Mean?

What Does Single Face Ribbon Mean?

, by Tammy Harris, 2 min reading time

Have you ever been shopping for ribbon, and noticed the label described it as “single face”? Manufacturers use this term when they have made the ribbon out of satin. Satin is a glossy, smooth fabric, and a particular favourite of crafters everywhere. It refers to the weaving technique used to make the material rather than the thread, and this special technique gives the ribbon its classic, shiny appearance. It's also how crafters see that glossiness on only one side of that ribbon!

What Is Single Face Ribbon?

Many craftspeople love satin for its smooth, silky feel, and both the look and texture come from the weaving technique used to make the material. The weave creates a glossy look on one side and a matte finish on the other, creating the “single face” effect. The “back” will be flat and textured by comparison. This is good for crafts because satin can be quite slippery. The matted backside of a single face satin ribbon makes it easy to handle for shaping into bows and other more intricate work. This is especially handy when the satin ribbon is silk, which can make ribbon even slicker. Some purists say that only silk can make a true satin ribbon, but the proper weave is what creates the finish that makes it genuine. This means that a single face ribbon can be made out of polyester or nylon and still be referred to as satin. Crafters can use single face satin ribbon for almost any occasion or project. It is especially suited for home crafts and simple decorations for birthdays, weddings, and other events. For example, you can use it on your gift wrapping for a lovely, practical, decorative flair.

Are There Double Face Ribbons?

You can also get ribbons that are referred to as double face. These types of ribbons are exactly as they sound: the satin finish is on both sides rather than on just one. This means crafters get all the gloss and the texture without a “backside” to their ribbon. Consumers will also see the difference in the price of the material. Single face ribbon is less expensive and much more practical for crafting and wrapping. But double face ribbon has its benefits, and it is the material to use when the ribbon needs to be personalized with graphics and lettering. This makes it ideal for wedding favours that are printed with special messages, but it is also an excellent choice for making giant, uniform-looking loops and bows. Printing companies will often use double face ribbon for their products, but it's not always the best choice for home crafts. Single face ribbon should be used for any projects that need a lot of ribbons, and it’s perfect because of its luxurious finish, better handling, and low cost.


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