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What Is This New Item Called Mod Podge?

What Is This New Item Called Mod Podge?

, by Abbey H, 4 min reading time

What is This New Item Called Mod Podge?

Are you sick and tired of washing your vinyl decorated mugs by hand? Well, I have some news for you! We now carry this fancy item called Mod Podge. It is a glue sealer and finishes designs for art projects. Let's say you use your favourite mug every day and you are sick and tired of hand washing this item. Well, with Mod Podge, this mug is now dishwasher safe!  Mod Podge is pretty easy to use as well. All you need to do is cover the entire mug with Mod Podge. RQC Supply Canada Mod Podge MugWe recommend covering the cup as the whole and not just where the vinyl so you can hide the brushstrokes. It looks like it is a little more cohesive if you cover the entire mug with the Mod Podge.  I would suggest giving the item about two to three coats with a good hour or two between the next layer.   Once you have put in the third coat, the mug will need some time to cure. Now, this takes some time. You are looking for 28 days for the mug to cure correctly. Time is one thing that does suck when applying Mod Podge, but think of all the time you would e saving by not having to hand wash your favourite mug from now on. 

Some Cool Facts About Mod Podge 

  1. Mod podge is nontoxic, so that you can use it with your children without fear! This is an excellent plus for this item.
  2.  This item has a two-year shelf life if it isn't open. If the Mod Podge is open, you only have about six months to use the rest of it. Honestly, it isn't that hard for crafters to do that!
  3. Started painting with our new acrylic paints? Seal it with Mod Podge. Not only does it make the painting last longer, but it gives you a fantastic finish.
  4. Did you know that you can tint Mod Podge with food colouring? Adding a few drops of food colouring or even paint can tint or Mod Podge giving your crafting item a little more edge. You can even make a stained glass look with Mod Podge.

FAQs About Mod Podge

How can I prevent wrinkles and bubbles in my craft when using Mod Podge?  Make sure you are using a large amount when applying the Mod Podge. Also, Make sure you are waiting the suggested 1-2 hours when applying your next layers. You may see wrinkles initially, but when the item is drying, you will see that most of them disappear.  Do I need to prepare the item before mod Podging it?  Yes, you do. Make sure your area is clean! If you can, wash the item with warm soapy water, so it removes all the dirt and dust. Make sure it's fully dry as well before applying the mod podge. What items can't I use Mod Podge on?  Most plastics and felt you could not use Mod Podge on. I would suggest doing a test section on the item. Let it dry for 15 mins, and if you can easily peel it off, it isn't going to work.  How Thick of a coat should Mod Podge be? I would suggest using a "medium" coat of mod podge when applying it to a surface. In my opinion, a Medium Coat would be if you can see the white covering the surface.  How can you minimize brush strokes?  Using a soft-bristled brush would be helpful. You could also sand in between coats. To do this, make sure the Mod Podge has dried for at least an hour. Then use #0000 steel wool and lightly sand the area. You could spray with a clear acrylic sealer to finish the project at the end of the layers. 


There you have it! Remember, practice makes perfect. Keeping all the information you just read in your mind, I am sure you will become an expert in no time! If you Have any other questions about Mod Podge, feel free to email us at info@rqcsupply. We would be happy to answer. 


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