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3 Siser Shimmers Positives and Negatives

3 Siser Shimmers Positives and Negatives

, by Abbey H, 4 min reading time

This year Siser has come out with two new types of vinyl that are from the glitter family! this is great news, but what are the deferences between each vinyl? Well In this post, we will be talking about each of these vinyl strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can narrow down on each product you want to use and when you want to use it. Each section will have application instructions. This way, you have all the information at your fingertips, which is super helpful!

1. Siser Glitter: The Original Glitter from Siser.

Looking for a glitter that is sparkly and has that glitter feel? Then the search is over Siser glitter is a product for you. One of the best things about this glitter is that it is washable. No glitter flakes will come off in the wash, which is pretty amazing! Now, this is a thicker type of vinyl. It is recommended to use a 60-degree blade on this product. Sadly if you are going to wash the product you are transferring the vinyl on you cannot layer the Siser glitter. How ever it doesn't come in 30 colours.

Have you had to turn down a job because someone wanted a sublimation on cotton? Maybe that person wanted a sublimation Job on a black or dark colour shirt. Well, it isn’t a problem any more. You can sublimate on the white Siser Glitter! Start with the printing your sublimation file on to your transfer paper. Make sure you have your white glitter vinyl cut where you want to lay the sublimation. Then heat transfer one then the other, and you are done!

Application Instructions:

  • The thickness of the vinyl: 325 microns/ 12.8 mils
  • The Fabrics Applies to:100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends
  • The Time: 15 seconds
  • The Temperature: 150°C
  • The Pressure: medium-firm pressure
  • Peel: remove carrier warm
  • CPSIA Certified

2. Siser Twinkle: The Glitter with the Reflective Quality.

Now, this vinyl from Siser is very different from Siser’s Glitter. Siser’s twinkle has a silicone-like surface. With amazing bright colours, this vinyl also has intense twinkle that has slight, but significant reflective quality. The application process for Twinkle is similar to EasyWeed. As you can see in the application instructions, this product should be peeled warm. It is also not recommended to layer Twinkle. We currently don't have a large number of different colours because this product is so new.

  • Application Instructions:
  • The thickness of the vinyl: 225 microns/ 9 mils
  • The fabric it applies to:100% cotton  100% uncoated polyester poly/cotton blends Lightly Silicone Nylon  Lycra®/spandex (Will adhere to the fabric but may crack when stretched)   Leather  Sublimated polyester
  • The Time: 15-20 seconds
  • The temperature: 160°C
  • The Pressure: Medium pressure peel: Remove carrier cold
  • CPSIA Certified

3. Siser Sparkle: The One You can Layer!Siser Sparkel glitter twinkel shine vinyl

Let’s start with the best thing about this vinyl! This vinyl can be layered, so the creative possibility is endless. Previous items like the glitter HTV from Siser was not able to be layered, so this one is super exciting for all of us crafters.

It can also be layered with bother easy weed materials! So the possibilities are really endless for crafters. The colour has a punch of sliver glitter flakes that are embedded in the material. This creates even a more sparkle look to your design.

This item was released this year so to start us off we have 10 colours. This includes a clear colour. I know us crafters defiantly like a transparent glitter. This gives you the ability to layer this glitter over your favourite vinyl colours.

Application Instructions:

  • The thickness of the vinyl: 120 microns/ 4.7 mils
  • The Fabrics Applies to 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends.
  • The Temperature: 305°F/150°C
  • The Time: 15 seconds
  • The Pressure takes Medium.
  • Peel: Warm
  • CPSIA Certified


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