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6 Tips For Heat Press Maintenance

6 Tips For Heat Press Maintenance

, by Abbey H, 3 min reading time

Have you just purchased a heat press, and you aren't sure how to keep it in shape? Well, I have six tips that are perfect for you. It is essential to keep your heat press healthy. It is a significant investment for your crafting business. I am sure you want this Heat Press to last a long time! 

Tip Number One: Keep your work area clean.

It's essential to keep your work area clean and dust-free. Dust can be your worst nightmare when it comes to the heat press machine. It's vital to keep thoughts electrical components clean. I would suggest using an air duster every six months to keep your heat press in good shape! 

Tip Number Two: Protect your machine from ink and residue.

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The best way to protect your Upper Platen from ink and residue is using a non-stick cover sheet! It is one of the easiest ways to keep your machine clean and happy. Now we all know that we aren't perfect. Mistakes can happen, so don't panic if any excess inks adhere to the Upper Platen. Just heat the platen to 320 degrees and clean it off with a cloth. Just don't leave the mess for a while. It can damage your Heat Press, and that is what we are trying to protect, right! 

Tip Number Three: Protecting the Lower Platen.

Do not worry; we didn't forget about the lower platen from wear and tear. Adding a quick slip protector over the Lower Platen This cover is protecting the platen and making it easier to work with threading garments. This cover can also be cleaned! Which is suitable for any mistakes. Just take a wet, damp cloth and wipe off the ink residue or dust; straightforward

Tip Number Four: Grease your machine.

Make sure you grease all the exposed rods that are on your Heat Press. You want to do this at least once a year. Also, lightly lubricate the pressure adjustment spindles. You will want to use a high temp lithium-based grease. This makes sure your machine isn't working too hard when it's pressing that image onto the garment of your choice. 

Tip Number Five:  use the original cord that the heat press comes with.

I would say that this tip is one of the most important ones. Other cords may fit your Heat Press, but they could possibly be unable to carry the voltage needed. Also, to avoid unwanted fires, make sure the cable is not near any of the machine's hot surfaces. We want to make sure that the cord is not near the heating elements of the Heat Press. Keep it plugged in of the back of the unit and away from that heat! 

Tip Number Six: check for those cold spots.

Even heat is essential for the proper application of all types of heat printing. You will want to check these items yearly or as needed. There is a machine test kit that can be used for this purpose, so you are out of harm's way. Even heat Even application!  Machine Maintenance is essential, and without doing these steps to keep a healthy machine, it can cause a costly lesson. I think we can all agree that we don't want to spend money if we don't have to! Purchasing a heat press can save you loads of time when crafting and make sure the design application has adhered to the fabric evenly. If appropriately maintained, it can make a difference in anyone's business.  Here is a little Infographic that may help you remember these 6 important steps.   6-tips-for-heat-press-maintince


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