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7 New Styletech Vinyl! WOW!

7 New Styletech Vinyl! WOW!

, by Abbey H, 4 min reading time

Hey guys! as you can see from the title, RQC supply has some exciting news! We are starting to stock Styletech vinyl. Now you are maybe asking yourself... Why should I be excited to hear this news? Well, Let me tell you! Style tech has so many options of vinyl and colors we will be carrying here at RQC supply. They also offer more specialty vinyl than ANYONE, and you have to admit that it is pretty cool.  We will be carrying; Opal vinyl, Ultra(glitter) metalized vinyl, polished metal, luster, crafting vinyl, and colour changing.  Below we will be going over all the information you need to work with Styletech's vinyl as well some exciting information about the look and feel of the vinyl.  rqcsupply-canada-adhesive-vinyl-gold-ultra-Styletech 1. Styletech Ultra This is adhesive glitter vinyl. It is a lot like 651 Siser's for its durability, but its colour pay off is off the charts! It comes in 26 amazing metallic glitter colours. This vinyl can even be layered. This means the possibilities are endless!!  One thing to note: This product isn't solid throughout. This means you want to keep it for projects that you may be looking at the backside of the vinyl.  2.Styletech Opal This is one of my favorites!! Opal displays like a flash of rainbows with one many colour in the background. Much like holo, this colour shifts the best in natural light. With this unique colour, your design will be ever dancing in the sun light. In the Styletech range of Opal, you will find nine colours, which are; White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Amber, Orange, Bright green, and Gold. colors rqcsupply-canada-adhesive-vinyl-holographic-confetii-Styletech 3.Styletech Metalized We have hit the holo station all aboard! Now, if you are a fan of the Opal Styletech vinyl, you will definitely like a lot of the metalized vinyl by Styletech. Styletech has 24 different metalized vinyl, which includes; mosaicism chromes, rainbows, mists, and more Holographics! Yes, you read that correctly. HOLO! And we are so happy to have more t   han just one style. When this vinyl is properly applied, it can hold up for two years.  One important note: This vinyl is not recommended for automobiles.  4.Styletech Polished Metal looking for that polished metal look for your crafting needs? Well, look no farther! We have 13 glossy colours just for you. Now it is intended to be used indoors, BUT you can expect this vinyl to last up for two years outdoors! This shimmer vinyl finish is perfect for adding a shine or a pop to your craft design.  5.Styletech Luster Now, this is an interesting vinyl. That is because it is based on the same vinyl used on vehicle wraps. This vinyl is known for its satin look. It isn't quite glossy about it isn't quite matte as well. Making this vinyl it's own category. This line of vinyl has 13 colours and can last up to 3 years outdoors. It is known to be used for; mugs, car windows, and tumblers,  6.Styletech Colour Changing Vinyl Now introducing COLOUR CHANGING VINYL! Wow! A reminder this is the first-ever temperature changing vinyl product line, which is pretty cool. This vinyl changes colours when the vinyl temp has changed—thus making it perfect for mugs with hot coffee or a cold water bottle.  The Cold Blue- Changes from white to blue when exposed to cold elements of temperature. Red Hot Yellow- Changes from red to yellow when exposed to the hot elements of temperature. 7.Transparent Glitter (TRP) Now last but not least, we have transparent glitters. This vinyl allows light through then as they are non-opaque, which in my book is pretty cool! The best thing about this vinyl is it has its vibrant colour on its one side, and on the adhesive side, it's packed with silver glitters. So this vinyl earns the name transparent glitter because it has twice the number of glitter pieces in it! It has a durability of up to 5 years outdoors as well. This product comes in 23 gloss glitters.  That brings us to the end of the list. We have so many new colours to pick and choose from! Please tag us in any craft creations on your preferred social media! 


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