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Celebrating the 10 new Siser Sparkle HTV!

Celebrating the 10 new Siser Sparkle HTV!

, by Abbey H, 3 min reading time

We have some exciting new products at RQC supply! Siser sparkle HTV is finally in our store! This material is amazing alternative to glitter HTV by Siser. This a fashionable alternative material is soft to touch and has a great smooth finish. We cannot wait to see all the creations from all of our fellow crafters!

All the things you need to know about Siser Sparkle HTVsiser sparkle HTV vinyl

Let’s start with the best thing about this vinyl! This vinyl can be layered so the creative possibilities are endless. I know I would be filled with creative ideas after hearing that piece of information. Previous items like the glitter HTV from Siser was not able to be layered, so this one is super exciting for all of us crafters. We can do so many more things with this vinyl. Just a friendly reminder though, it doesn't have the same look and feel to the HTV glitter, so it all depends on your taste and style.

Now let’s take a moment to appreciate the colour and sparkle of this material! Colour has a punch of sliver glitter flakes that are embedded in the material. This creates a more sparkle look to your design. Also another exciting piece of information is all the colours have a little similarity to it for a nice and cohesive design. To me this makes this product even more special. 

On top of all this this material is also very flexible. This gives it a very nice feel and finish on stretchy shirts. Just reminder it isn’t made to stretch like the easy weed stretch, but it definitely a lighter weight, and has a good give to it.

One great thing to mention is we have 10 different colours in stock. This includes a clear colour. I know us crafters defiantly like a transparent glitter. This gives you the ability to layer this glitter over your favourite vinyl colours. This clear vinyl is a must-have in your crafting stash! it brings a nice colour to a glittery colour. This can transform so many different vinyls to a design with an extra sparkle punch!

This item applies at 305 degrees for 15 seconds using medium pressure. You can also use an iron to apply, set it to the linen and press firmly for only 25-30 second. you can peel hot or cold. SO the next time you are looking for a nice glitter add this to your shopping basket!

Specification and Instructions for our new vinyl!

Here is a list of specifications and instructions. This way you have all the information at your fingertips, which is super helpful!

Specifications and Instructions:

  • The thickness of the vinyl: 120 microns/ 4.7 mils
  • The fabrics Apply to 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends
  • The Temperature: 305°F/150°C
  • The Time: 15 seconds
  • The Pressure it takes: Medium
  • Can Peel: Warm

* Sparkle can be layered on itself along with materials in the EasyWeed family! Which is amazing!

Washing Instructions:

  • How to Launder the material: Wait 24 hours before first wash.
  • Machine wash warm or cold with mild detergent
  • Dry on low dryer setting
  • Do not I repeat do not dry clean or bleach

We can not wait to see all the endless possibilities with all of our fellow crafters! There are so many uses for this product. Just a friendly reminder you can use this product on so many other items. not just t-shirts or sweatshirts! We are Looking forward to the crafts you post on social media. Feel free to tag RQC supply so we don’t miss any of the amazing designs! We love to see all of everyone's creativity with our products! enjoy your crafting with possibly new vinyl! 


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