How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) on Glass Tutorial

Applying Heat Transfer Vinyl on Glass Tutorial Did you know you can apply heat transfer vinyl (HTV) on glass? You definitely can with the help of some heat (the heat activates the glue on the HTV for it to properly adhere to your fabric surfaces, so in turn this also applies when applying HTV to other surfaces. That being said HTV can be applied to any material that will withstand the heat. But take extra precautions, the glass gets hot and stays hot not only just a minute, since glass is a conductor of heat (just like a baking dish that is used in the oven). That being said when you apply heat to glass it gets hot and stays hot and doesn’t cool off quickly like a tshirt. You need to be warned you will need an oven mitt doing this project. Do you want to know how to apply heat transfer vinyl to glass? Step 1: Create and cut your design and have it weeded ready to go. Step 2: Line up your design that you want on the glass. Step 3: There is two methods to get the HTV on the glass Hand Held Iron

Step 1: Requires a non stick pressing sheet on top of the design

Step 2: Press gently on the design for a couples seconds on each area of the design till the whole design has been covered, take note you do not need to press as long as you would on fabric

Step 3: Wait a couple minutes for the glass to cool before you peel the carrier sheet. Taking note the glass will be very very hot!!

Heat Press Machine

Step 1: Lay down a towel on the bottom of the pad of the heat press, this helps to protect the glass.

Step 2: Do not use excessive pressure as the glass can break from too much pressure, so gently press down for several seconds.

Step 3: f you have a clam shell style press that is designed where the top heating plate comes down at an angle you will want to rotate your design so it hits all the angles at the right angle.

Step 4: Wait a couple minutes for the glass to cool before peeling and be very careful when peeling because the glass may be very hot.

**note in between steps do not put your project back on your cutting matt due to the heat produced by the glass will warp your cutting matt.

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