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How to store Vinyl and Transfer Tapes

How to store Vinyl and Transfer Tapes

, by Abbey H, 3 min reading time

First off, RQC supply would like to say happy 2021! I thought the best way to start this year's first blog post would be to talk about storing your vinyl and transfer tapes! Many of us would agree that we need to clean out our crafting supplies and purge out the items we don't always gravitate to, and when we are cleaning, maybe changing upon how we store supplies. BUT a lot of us do not know that we have been keeping our supplies wrong. Sometimes when crafters store their vinyl and tapes, they are damaging their items. If you may think this is you, below are the tips and tricks that will help you out!

Store your vinyl and tapes vertically.

Let's start with the basics of storing vinyl and transfer tapes. Number one, you should always keep your vinyl and tapes vertically. Storing your supplies this way is essential for your tapes and adhesive vinyl. Gravity is your worst enemy when it comes to anything sticky. For example, If I were going to store transfer tape horizontally, the weight would cause the tape to stick to its self on the side it was lying on. This makes it impossible for you to use the tape again, destroying the whole roll you decided to purchase. This honestly is one of the common mistakes RQC Supply has seen with our crafters. The sad thing is that there is no recovery with the roll of tape or, in another case, adhesive vinyl. So I have to say storing your vinyl and tape vertically on a shelf or in a box is a must!

Organize your vinyl and tapes.

Styletech Transfer Tapes Small Rolls sold by RQC Supply your newest Styletech Distributor in Canada Styletech Transfer Tapes Small Rolls sold by RQC Supply your newest Styletech Distributor in Canada The second tip I have for you would be organizing your vinyl and different tapes into categories! Tapes are pretty easy to keep organized as there are only three major types. 1. Clear with a grid printed right onto the tape (not recommended for wet applications) 2. Paper Tape that is good for both wet and dry applications. 3.Clear paper tape. With vinyl, it is a litter harder. There are all different vinyl types, but I think we can narrow it down to three kinds of categories. 1. Adhesive vinyl. 2. Heat transfer vinyl. 3. specialty vinyl (dry erase vinyl or blackboard vinyl would be an example of specialty vinyl) Knowing the types of vinyl in your collection is essential. This is so you can see what you have and what you don't. I would always recommend that if you have two rolls of vinyl that are the same, you should think of rolling them into one roll. This way, it is in one spot!

The Display of vinyl and tapes

Last but not least would be how your vinyl and tape are displayed. I think This is everyone's favourite step. There are many brilliant solutions for storing vinyl rolls that involve shelves or cubbies or boxes or rods. It all comes down to Preferences. Some Crafters like the cubbies method because everything is labeled. Other crafters Like their vinyl and tape to be on a rod or visible on a shelf. It is really up to the crafter. I Like the idea rack that would hold your vinyl on the back of the door or the wall. It is a perfect way to see what you have, so you use it.


Storing your vinyl and tapes the right way is always important. As crafters, we don't want to damage our supplies before even trying to use them. Ensure that the way you want to display your vinyl and tape is vertical! have fun organizing your vinyl collection this beginning of 2021!


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