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MSK001 Sublimation Adult/Kids Mask Template

MSK001 Sublimation Adult/Kids Mask Template

, by Tammy Harris, 1 min reading time

MSK001 ADULT/KIDS Sublimation Mask Template

MSK001 Sublimation, aka Adult Sublimation Mask Template, can be found here, a special thanks goes out to a repeat adult/kids sublimation mask customer of ours.  Jane made this template for creating full-bleed images onto our Adult Sublimation Masks. We had a few customers email us asking for tips and tricks for getting them to sit flat.  Some customers use a hat heat-press, others use a heat press.  In email correspondence, she has given me the instructions below. The masks can be found on our website here. It takes a bit of patience but it does lay flat.  I tuck the design underneath all away around and then I tape one end and continue all the way around  AGAIN tucking.  This gives you a super tight fit with the masks.  They stretch out and the design is completely tucked underneath the black rim.  Pass the template on if you like. Updated to reflect the Kids Mask template that Jane also emailed to us, so now we have both created by her to help make your life easier to sublimate full-bleed images onto our sublimation masks and the 90% Poly content masks that we started to stock mid august.   Click here to download the Adult PDF Click here to download the Kids PDF  


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