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  • Sale -48% 631 Oracal Sheet Discontinued

    Oracal 631 Oracal Sheet Discontinued

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    631 Oracal Sheet Removable Vinyl  Get your 631 Oracal removable adhesive vinyl aka wall decal vinyl in the crafting industry, available in a matte finish. . It offers three year indoor durability, flexibility and thermal print compatibility with a large choice of colours.  Oracal 631 Adhesive Vinyl Oracal 631 is one of the best products made by the Oramask Company, the makers of Oracal is the 631 Vinyl Adhesive. It’s available in amazing colours so it is easy to complete any project, though the black matte is one of the most popular of the colour options. The Oracal Matte 631 Removable Adhesive Vinyl is sold in this listing as sheets so it is easy to tackle craft projects of all sizes. This removable vinyl has a brilliant matte finish and superior quality makes it easy to craft with with no sheen. Features What are the features of the Oracle adhesive vinyl that make it a worthwhile, trusted product? The many features are sure to impress you and all of your crafting needs, including: Permanent, but can be removed if necessary 3 mL Thickness Lasts up to 3-years Sleek matte finish Great for lettering Easy-to-cut Clear, solvent-based Available in assorted colours Many people use the vinyl for large scale projects as it works wonderfully for such needs. But, it serves the needs of smaller projects just as well. It is an all-around vinyl adhesive that is great for all of your projects. 631 Adhesive Vinyl Usage The 631 Vinyl Adhesive is suitable for indoor and outdoor use when not hit by the weather conditions as it is not waterproof. Most people use it indoors since it adheres to many different surfaces quite easily and sticks to these surfaces well. The vinyl is wonderful to work with that some of the other vinyl may not, so you're finished products always stand the test of time.  It’s also extremely versatile so it comes in handy for many different projects you might want to complete. Among the many projects you can complete when using this adhesive vinyl include: Signs Pictures Banners Wall decorations Furniture Temporary Signage, Front Doors. Costs This vinyl adhesive is on par with some other brands on the market, you get what you pay for and this product is well-worth the extra expense. The exact cost depends on the size of the vinyl that is purchased, and your location for shipping purposes. Pros Sticks where it should - and nowhere else Easy-to-apply Great weeding contrast Available in assorted sizes, including sheets and rolls in a separate listing Cons Can’t be applied to un painted drywall surfaces, surface must be painted Verdict Oracal is a name that crafter’s trust and so should you. The Oracal 631 Removable Adhesive Vinyl is a top-quality product that will exceed expectations in every way. It is versatile, stylish and designed to provide long-lasting value. This is one product that every crafter needs available to them at all times.

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  • Teflon ORAFOL White Squeegee - Oracal

    Oracal Teflon ORAFOL White Squeegee - Oracal

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    Oracal White Teflon Squeegees The Orafol squeegees are perfect for the application of all Orafol and similar products. The plastic squeegees are also great for plotter films. The squeegees are manufactured by ORAFOL Europe GmbH, Germany. They are the leading European Union Company for the cutting plotter PVC Films, CAD/CAM vinyl, reflective solutions and more. The squeegees can also be used for the foils of different manufacturers including textile vinyl. Size: 4" x 2.75"    

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  • Sale -50% Oracal Adhesive Colour Guide/ Colour Chart - Orafol

    Oracal Oracal Adhesive Colour Guide/ Colour Chart - Orafol

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    Businesses that sell or use Orafol Adhesive Vinyl for their design services absolutely need this Oracal Adhesive Colour Guide/ Colour Chart!  This file-folder style chart holds samples of the Orafol Adhesive Vinyl in a wide range of colours. Each swatch of adhesive vinyl is labelled for easy reference. This colour guide or chart will make finding the right colour for your next creative project easy! Just open the chart, find the colour that best suits your project, and then reference its name. Oracal Adhesive Colour Guide/ Colour Charts are available in 631, 651, and 751 colours. Order yours today!

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  • Crafters Tool Kit scrapper sold by RQC Supply Canada located in Woodstock, Ontario

    Crafter's Toolkit Crafter's Toolkit: XL Scraping/Smoothing Tool 5.5" x 3.2" x 0.4"

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    This versatile tool is an essential for any crafter. Use to easily apply and spread epoxy and resin or for cleaning your cutting mats and other surfaces.

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